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Dorothy's 2nd Whole30!


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I'm back.  I've had a tough time maintaining a mostly-Whole30 life and have had a lot of 'unplanned' meals that didn't treat my body so well.  My clothes are also fitting tighter, and I don't have nearly as much energy as I did during the first Whole30. 

While it may not be an ideal time to emark on another Whole30, I know that I need to do this for my overall health (mental & physical), and personal well-being.... so here goes #2!!


Day 1

I've been feeling pretty sluggish lately, especially in the evenings (so sleepy - too sleepy to get much done after work, and NOTHING gets done after my almost 2 yo goes to bed!).  I ate pizza last night, because it was easy (even though I had easy to reheat leftovers that would have made me feel much better).  Today I feel bloated and gross.  Ugh.  I doubt it will take long to shake these feelings off (maybe even less time that my first Whole30 - which was just this past April - May), but I know that I need to fully commit to make progress.  My husband won't be thrilled with my new restrictions, but he was certainly thrilled with how I looked & how much energy I had after the last one, so he can deal.


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Frittata w/ Arugula, Mushrooms, Tomatoes & Olives, served with Dilled Cucumbers (all Whole30 compliant, made from Prep Dish Paleo recipes).  Plus about 1/4c. leftover Pork Carnitas (Whole30 recipe) - just becase it's sooo good!  1 cup black coffee

Exercise:  Didn't happen this morning b/c my little guy had a bike accident yesterday, his hand has some pretty bad scratches and he needed extra snuggle time with mommy this morning.  It's not supposed to be miserably hot today, so hopefully I can get a walk / stroller ride in with my little guy this evening.

Meal 2:  Leftover Cabbage Slaw & Pork Carnitas (from Whole30 recipe book), with store-bought guacamole (didn't check the ingredients, hoping it's compliant - will check the package when I get home this evening).

Meal 3:  Prep Dish Paleo Meal - Probably BBQ Shrimp & sweet potatoes.

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