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Starting whole30 July 1...


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It's probably a bad idea with 4th of July around the corner, but I need to start at some point! I use to be over 500lbs and did Medifast and lost over 200 lbs, considering it's all soy I didn't feel great and I got flabby since I lost all that weight in 9 months and I was moody (due to the soy and me being a guy).

I work EMS, which means I drive around really fast and help people in a large box, and sit, a lot. Over the last year I gained almost 100lbs back, and a co worker recently told me about the whole30. So while I want to lose weight I also want to be healthy! So here we go! Any advice, thoughts or comments would be appreciated, I am a horrible planner and my whole life is go go go, drive drive drive, thanks!

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