Pre-Whole30 musings...that much water/I hate avocado?


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Well I have read the book cover to cover (got it from the library on Friday and have ordered my own copy)...a few things concern me but are not going to stop me from starting my Whole30 journey on August 1, 2016... On the other hand some things don't bother me at all...lets start with that shall we?  B)


1.  No alcohol?  No problem...don't drink...never liked it (and I tried when I was of age, really trying to be cool but man it was nasty...LOL)...which is likely a good thing as I'd likely need AA at this point

2.  Cooking and prep? Love to cook and already have more gadgets than a fully stocked chef's kitchen

3.  No cream in coffee? Again not a problem...I've never even tasted coffee (unless it was in a cake  :D ) and I don't drink tea either...(I date likely why DH married me LOL)...hard at social gatherings..."what you just want water?"  What the heck is all that about...don't like soda either...(I know what you're this chick is weird or what?...)


Now to the hard part...


1.  No grain...yikes! I love me some homemade bread...that's gotta go...pasta...*sigh* that downfall love sweets...I am the expert at "paleoing" everything

2.  No dairy, this will be the hardest for me as I make my own full fat yogurt with maple syrup (not the cheap store bought, but the kind I bought from my cousin's sugar woods kind...people thing I'm drinking rum it's so dark)

3.  The worse one no added sugar, see 2 above  :lol:

4.  I hate's in everything!!!

5. I love water but let's do the math...  222lbs X .5 oz / 8oz = 14 cups of water a day, my drinking cup holds 2 cups so seven of those a day...?  WOW...I drink maybe 4 and I'm known to drink a lot of water...*phew* 


So that's me in a nutshell...


I have given up so far (in preparation for my Whole30)


1. Grain...Yup I'm on day 6 of no grain....

2. I've upped my water to 7, 2cup portions a day...I'm floating here  :rolleyes:

3. The only added sugar is maple syrup in my yogurt...


I'm having symptoms of withdrawal especially in the morning...brain fog, lethargy etc...hard to get going...just want to usually goes away after lunch...I'm hoping this goes away soon as I don't like feeling this way...


Anywho that is it for now...


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Man, you're going to be fun to follow. :) 


Search for "water" here on the forums. You'll find lots of ways of jazzing it up (add cucumber slices or add melon checks, for example). One tip... try to get the bulk of it in before supper. I used to end up trying to play catch up in the evening. Totally messed with my sleep. :D


Avocado.... I don't use it either. It's not that I don't like it, but I can't grow it (eastern Canada) and it's expensive here. My fav fat turned out to be ghee & homemade mayo (with lime juice... totally yum). You'll do just fine without the avocado.


I think you said in your intro why you were waiting until Aug 1st, so I'll go look that up instead of asking you a question that I think you have already answered.



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Hi Seafarer!


I hear ya about the expensive stuff...I see you are from Atlantic too...New Brunswick!  where are ya from?


I don't really mind the's just a bit much...LOL


It's going to be ghee for me least we can buy the butter at Costco... :)



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Drinking the amount of water we recommend helps eliminate constipation (which can be a problem when people change what they eat as their systems adjust). Water also helps to keep toxins flowing out of the body when people begin to lose weight (which is common when people eat Whole30-style. Toxins settle in fat and when the fat begins to be used for energy, the toxins lose their home. The best thing then is to flush them out with plenty of water drinking). 


I only eat avocados when they are on sale. They taste great when they are 10 for $10, but somehow they don't taste great to me when they cost $2 each. 

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Welcome!  I think you may be the most prepared person to ever start Whole30!  :D  Impressive and smart to give up grains in advance.  That's one major adjustment already out of the way.  I'm usually the type to say "Oh, tomorrow I start Whole30, wanna go get pizza for lunch?"  :P


You will do amazing with how well you're planning and preparing.  

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