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Hey! I started June 25!

slim kim

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I found Whole30 on the internet Saturday morning and it made sense. I printed out Week 1 from the website and cooked everything over the weekend so I am not tempted to throw a yogurt and granola in my bag to eat for breakfast at work. After doing low-carb diets over the years, I'm thrilled to eat potatoes on this diet. It feels like I'm not dieting because I have so much yummy food around...herb pork roast, chili, zucchini-ginger soup. I still want to make some scotch eggs to take in work lunches. So far, I haven't had any issues. I'm not even that hungry! This is probably the "honeymoon" stage. I'm hoping to lose weight, and reduce stiffness and have more energy. At 50+ I started working in a sedentary job 2 1/2 years ago and also met a wonderful man who loves to eat out (and we both especially like to "window shop"  bakeries). Job + boyfriend + age = 20 lbs. Any tips I get in this forum are much appreciated!

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