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Day 20: What do you do if you're really not hungry

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I am on day 20 and all is going pretty good so far.


Up until now I've been eating 3 meals a day and find I can go 4-5 hours between meals and am usually ready to eat by the time next mealtime rolls around. I feel I've got my groove.


However, today, I really couldn't face breakfast (I know how important this meal is and usually eat within 30 mins of waking). I ate a good lunch, salmon, green leaves, olive oil dressing, a few blueberries.


Now it's 'dinner time'  but again I really don't feel hungry - certainly not able to eat a full meal.


I don't think I'm coming down with anything, no temperature or anything like that.


I'm planning an early night an hope that my appetite will be back to normal tomorrow.


Is it OK to do this? I'm assuming i don't want to force feed myself and should be listening to my appetite.


Any guidance please?

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If you weren't on Day 20, I would say that you need to ignore your 'appetite' and just eat but it sounds like you've been doing so and getting the 4-5 hours between meals.  With that said, I still think you should try and eat... you may not have a fever but you could be coming down with something.  Bone broth, a blended soup, maybe some baked potato or scrambled eggs?  


If you choose not to eat and just go to bed, please understand that you could be FAMISHED tomorrow and because nutrition is cumulative, you may need to eat more at every meal to start making up for today.  Alternatively, you could feel no hunger whatsoever, which you should not listen to.  One day here and there where your appetite seems to be fussy isn't going to kill you but don't let it be a habit and if you CAN, try and eat something before bed.

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