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Day 29 done!


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It's almost here!  Day 30!  I am so psyched that I was able to complete this and am actually thinking about extending it for another ten days or so...We have a big family event coming up in mid-July and I thought it might be good to extend my good habits and "tiger blood" feeling until then.  I also am leaning toward the fas-track re-introduction so that I can really test different foods and record their effect on me.  Right now, I'm thinking that I will stay mostly whole30 when off the plan and then do maybe 2 more whole30's by the end of the year.  We will see...


Anyway, non-scale victories for me have been:

  • increased energy throughout the day AND level energy (no big highs or lows)
  • sounder sleep and fewer night sweats (THANK GOD)
  • reduced eye circles/bags
  • I don't "run out of gas" during my workouts
  • hair and skin look better
  • better and more even-keeled mood
  • chronic headaches all but disappeared (only one)
  • reduced joint pain, especially in my knees and back.

I think that last one is the one that really blows my mind--I have arthritis in both knees and usually go down my stairs one at a time.  But I have been able to walk down my stairs like a normal person and THAT is the BEST feeling in the world!


Now, I need to review the reintroduction chapter and decide how I am going to begin...since sugar is my big nemesis, I actually want to put that off for last, but it seems like sugar and carbs go together in a lot of foods...so not sure how I'll proceed on that one.




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Way to go! Acknowledging the results must feel so good!

Thanks!!  It feels pretty good, except...


I have a massive head cold and can't really taste any of my food :( And what is so strange about that, is that I am ravenously hungry!  This is he first time on the entire Whole30 that I have been hungry.  it is amazing to me how a head cold messes up my sense of taste and that in turn has affected my sense of satiety.  Really interesting, and I need to remember this the next time I am sick and want to stuff my face with toast and butter and other comfort foods :)


Other than that, I am so freaking proud of myself for completing this program and being true to the rules all the way through.  I'm not bragging - I am truly surprised that I did not break at some point.  Now that I know it's possible, I am definitely going to do another whole30!  I feel great (aside from the recent cold) and want to keep feeling this way.  I am even thinking about getting some bloodwork done to see if there are any changes in my blood sugar, cholesterol, and imflammatory markers.


So, I have decided for the time being that I am going to start the fast track tomorrow.  That will give me some time prior to my mid-July events to figure out what my biggest food triggers are and I can then make an informed decision about what indulgences will be worth it and which ones won't.


This has been such a great experience for me.  Thanks to Melissa and everyone on here who has offered advice and support!

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