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Lunch: 1 can tuna on top of green salad with jicama, carrots, kalamata olives and some cooked green beans. Used home made balsamic dressing.


Dinner: Salmon fillet (left over from previous night)

              1/2 sweet potato with ghee and a teaspoon of dried coconut flakes

               boiled green beans with french herbs


Later: 1 large can coconut water with pineapple splash of pineapple juice


Tomorrow...I weigh in. I feel like I'm on The Biggest Loser! I hope I am...a big loser, that is :D

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Day 31


Weighed in. I lost 6 lbs. Disappointed. I was hoping for 10. However , I have been stopped up these last couple of days, so I'm hoping when that's gone, I'll get to count another lb or two. That will make me feel a little better.

So, what are the good things that I have gotten these last 30 days?


1. My sleep schedule changed

This is not just due to Whole30, but mostly to the fact that my work schedule now does not allow me to sleep past 6:30. I can finally go to bed tired at 10:00. And now, on weekends I even wake up on my own by 7:00. However, I do attribute waking up easier, with more energy, to Whole 30. And I am sleeping better, generally, except for being aware of my neck issue, which I hope will be better with chiropractic help. Rising earlier was a New Year's resolution and I am finally incorporating it, even though it was sort of forced on me.


2. More energy

I have noticed this most in the last week or so. Everything I do has more energy behind it, whether I am doing things around the house, running errands, or walking. I still haven't added the habit of going to the gym. Only made it there once this whole month  :( . Mainly because I have to prioritize getting Cricket out to walk when I get home from work or else she will drive me crazy, wanting attention and wanting to play.


3. Less aches

Wow. I can get up from a squatting position without much stiffness and pain. I can just move better. Hands still have a little stiffness. A month ago, I remember thinking that I should go back to a yoga class, but realized I probably could barely move. Now I feel like I could give it a try again. My arm and neck issue is a problem, but I believe that is something else (computer; out of alignment; muscle tension) I'm working on that. Sinus headaches have continued. But I'm starting to eliminate nightshades and we'll see.


4. Less bloating/puffiness

I notice this in my face and around my eyes. There is a tightness I actually feel around my eyes, like getting Botox! My stomach does not get bloated, although I still have the fat to reduce.


5. More motivation

This was also a New Year's Resolution. I was quite bummed out about my procrastination and general sluggishness. During this month, I have moved forward with my front yard remodel and it will be done in a couple of weeks. Maybe the extra long summer days help. I don't really finish for the day until about 9:00 pm, with dinner and a walk happening later than usual. I can always do better, however. My new schedule also helps in this area. Having more time after work helps me tackle more in my day. When I didn't go in to work until 10:00 or 12:00, I just wasted my morning sleeping in and doing ?


Although I plan to continue Whole 30 with the elimination of nightshades, I also want to re-introduce. I think I'll try red wine tonight. It seems like re-introduction couldn't hurt my evaluation of nightshades if another food doesn't cause problems especially. I will just continue to see the result of no night shades.

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