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Spotting on day 10


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Hello all!!


I just started spotting, just a small amount, on day 10 of my first whole30. I am on BC and have a pretty regular schedule due to this. I am in the middle of my new pill pack, like 2 weeks in so I am no where near close to my next period.


Is this normal or do I need to change up something in my diet? http://forum.whole30.com/topic/37387-first-whole30-started-62016/


Link to my log to track food I have been eating - thought it would be easier than listing everything out!!


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Hey there


Some spotting isn't completely odd - Whole30 is as much about realigning hormones as anything else, and our cycles are hormone related so it stands to reason that your cycle might be a little different from usual. Often it can be to do with a drop in starch intake and looking at your log it's fair to say that you aren't including much in the way of starchy veg so you might want to increase that slightly (sweet potatoes, yams, plantains, turnips etc), but things should settle as the days go on...

As an aside your postWO should be a lean protein & optional starchy carb, not fruit & fat - fruit preferentially replenishes liver glycogen when you want to be replenishing muscle glycogen, and fat slow down the absorption of nutrients. And as you can see that fruit & nut butter combo can become a bit of a 'food without breaks' so be wary of that going forward.

You could also do with a little more fat in some of your meals (the ones with the avocado are fine), and maybe ease off on the nuts. Lastly, fruit shouldn't push veg off of your plate (breakfast day 5) - eat your veg, and if there's still some room then reach for the fruit....

Hope this helps  :)

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Hi Nik,


As jmcbn noted above, some spotting isn't out of the ordinary.  That said, if you are concerned, please see your doctor.  No one on this forum is qualified to give medical advice.  Having "disclaimed" though, to me, depending on where you are near your regular period and how much & what kind of spotting you are having (enough to need sanitary products? Or just a swipe on the tp? Dark brown or bright red?), 6 days doesn't seem unusual.  Again, this is to me, based on my personal experience and all the testimonials I have read here


From what I can see in your log, you are missing a proper breakfast far too often.  Without seeing actual portion sizes (some leftover chowder, fajita salad), I suspect you are under-eating which, if true, is keeping your hormones from finding balance.  If you are eating eggs as your protein, the serving size is as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping.  That is at least 3-4 for most people.


If you are interested in more directed feedback, please repost the last few days of food and include measurements of macros (ie, 1.5 palms chicken, 3 cups steamed brocoli, half avocado) so that we can see more clearly what you've been eating. (see the meal template linked below if you have not already). Also, what exercise are you doing? Are you depleting yourself every time and if so, are you re-fueling with lean protein and starchy veggie directly afterwards?

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Thanks for the reply! It is pretty heavy, having to use sanitary products. I have tried to up my food portions and it is seeming to taper off a little bit. It is no where close to my normal period, started in the middle of my cycle. Pretty bright red too. I figured if it doesn't clear up I'll give my OBGYN a call - switched BC pills just 2 months ago so might have something to do with it also.


My breakfast has been a problem point on the weekends, as I usually wake up too late to eat a full meal before lunch. It usually turns into somewhat of a brunch. Working on that for this weekend!


My lunch and dinner always follows the template with at least a handful of protien and 2 handfulls of veg. with leftovers I usually make a double batch to ensure I get the full amount for a "leftover lunch." Ex. leftover chowder included full amount of veggie, protein and fat; fajita salad included grilled peppers & onions, steak, spring lettuce mix, etc.


As for exercise, I usually do some sort of Les Mills class - body pump or body step. Its usually over my lunch break so my post meal gets rolled into my lunch, but I eat the proper amount to be considered "extra."

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