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Mark Sisson's Primal Master Formula


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Some will gasp at the price, but it actually ends up being fairly reasonable compared to building up only the core parts of it from a tray full of bottles. It's $3.80 a day, less than the Starbucks bill for some people out there beyond.


Some will gasp at the content, like I do at Animal Pak. Plus, wow the jitters from AP when I took it ages ago.


Some will gasp at the potency and sources of the content.  You, you're the people whose comments I most want to read. I've formed some opinions but I don't want to bias.




Curious to read what people think. MDA's forums seem too hostile to raise the question without getting a dozen of Grok's spears through my face.


FWIW, my current cocktail:

-Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw 50 and Wiser Men multi

-GoL VC Raw Vit C

-GoL VC Raw 50+ Probiotics (one month per quarter, fermented foods all the time)

-Vitamin Shoppe D3 & K2 (2500/90)

-VegLife Vegan Magnesium (for sourcing, not veganity)

-Solaray Super Bio Astaxanthin

-Emerald Labs Thyroid Health

-SFH SO3+D3 fish oil


Since all the reviews are within the past month, I'm thinking this is the new flagship that shoves Primal Damage Control Formula aside. Not sure it's a clear winner across the board, it doesn't show evidence of the latest neutraceutical research as it claims.

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this is an amazingly expensive product for uncertain benefits. lots of fancy words and marketing, yet no science. just a "trust us" line in the Benefits. 


unless you've a measured deficiency in a particular vitamin or mineral, just eat real food. 

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I would not take this cocktail. I would not supplement vitamin A, E, or calcium. The dose of CoQ10 and curcumin is too low. I doubt you need most of these ingredients. And honestly, vitamins cannot replace real food. It is simply impossible to get the same benefit outside the context of food. Disclosure: I stopped taking a multi-vitamin in 2010. :)


I work with a functional medicine doctor who has me on a variety of supplements based upon her analysis of my blood work. I do consume from a tray full of bottles every day, but have the benefit of knowing that my doctor can see the difference in my blood work. I am not just taking a lot of expensive stuff and hoping it helps. By the way, my doctor says she knows I eat well because she can see it in my blood work. She says that some of her patients tell her they are eating well and she knows they are lying. :)

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Thanks Tom, Lucie.


I think it might be time for me to drop the multi, too. Based on what I've learned here, from Robb Wolf, and Dr. Mercola, I eat carefully enough and varied enough that I doubt I need to be taking a broad spectrum multi.


Calcium, A, and E levels were one of my problems with Mark's pills.Good to know that the CoQ10 and Curcumin are too low.

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