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Successfully off-roading in Australia, and announcing a Whole30 baby

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Hi everyone! I've been quiet since we came to Australia from Papua New Guinea for the birth of baby number 6. But I wanted to share that Elora Hope was born on 21 June, 6 days after her due date. She was 8lb .5 oz, and 21 inches long, making her one of my smallest babies. Despite my gestational diabetes diagnosis, my blood sugars were perfect the entire time I was monitering them, and Elora had no issues with her blood sugar after birth, and has been completely healthy :)


I attribute my blood sugar success, Elora's health and reasonable size, and my best pregnancy weight gain ever all to the good eating I did during my pregnancy.

I was afraid that life in the first world would destroy all my will-power and all the good habits I established during my Whole21 in May. But that hasn't been the case. Yes, I still have enjoyed some high quality chocolate on occasion :) But I am still tasting the effects of my Whole30, and eating mostly clean before and after. When we have eaten out, I've actually been really disappointed. All fast food just tastes... not great. I've been able to choose what's "worth it" to me and what's not. I'm a big fan of blended coffee drinks and can't get those in PNG, so those are worth it to me on ocassion. But no matter how much I used to be able to put away a bag of gummy worms, those are distinctly not. worth. it.

My plan right now continues to be to eat as well as I can during our remaining time in Australia, enjoying the things that are "worth it" without guilt. And once we get settled back in Papua New Guinea, to do a full Whole30 or even Whole60.

A lot of friends questioned why I would do a Whole30 while pregnant, especially if I knew I was going to eat somewhat normally in Australia. But I am thankful that I did it! I'm also glad that I've been able to make more sustainable changes this time, as opposed to my first Whole30 a few years ago.

I hope this is an encouragement to someone else to take the plunge, even if you've failed before, and even if the timing seems unlikely!


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Thanks for the update!!  I was wondering about you and your new baby!  Congratulations and I'm so glad that the journey you took before going back to Australia!  It sounds like it really affected you and that's wonderful!  Definitely post when you start your Whole30/60, I'd love to follow along!

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