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Tomorrow is Day 30 - - Yippee!


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Tomorrow is Day 30. Yippee!! :D

All is going well.

Better sleep, more energy, better moods, improvement on some PTSD issues.

(People can message me if you want more specifics on that.)


I had to have an MRI this week and they weighed me.

I peeked. Yes. Lost xx  pounds.


I could reintroduce legumes on July 2, but not going to as there won't be the full 2 days between then and the 4th, which is, well, Independence Day, which is for ice cream.

We always have homemade frozen custard on Independence Day, so that will be my reintro to dairy and sugar.  Honestly, I am not even all that excited about it.

I have more interest in the burger or hot dog that will come first.

And that will be without bun, because I don't want grains just yet.

Actually, I am feeling a bit cautious about eating grains again.

Maybe this is a good thing.

I shall try the reintroduction program but not too fast.

I feel so much better now that I think I want to stay on this eating plan.

I can't believe that I have no interest in cheese any more, either.


Just great.

I hope to find a Reintroduction forum here.


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