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Day 31 - Strange fluttering feeling???


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Well, here I am on day 31.  Aside from a raging head cold, I feel GREAT.  A little nervous about re-introduction, but ready to see how the eliminated foods make me feel.  I decided to start with grains.  Because BAGELS.  My very first post was about my love affair with bagels and even though my cravings were reduced and even gone altogether on most days, I am so eager to find out how mt beloved little circles of bready goodness make me feel now that I am "detoxed."


So, I started this morning with a breakfast of two HB eggs, a plain bagel heated in the oven to crispy perfection (eaten plain with no butter, cream cheese, jam or nut butter, cuz that's how I like 'em) and half an avocado topped with some tomato salsa.  The bagel was just as delicious as I remembered it, but here were a few things I noticed almost immediately that were not pleasant:


1.  It was SO CHEWY!  It stuck to my teeth in a way that felt gross.  I had to swallow a couple/several time to get every bite down.  It just wasn't the same satisfying "mouth feel" that I get when I eat "clean" whole foods.


2.  I do not have the same sense of fullness and satisfaction that I had between my meals while on the Whole30.  I wasn't exactly hungry, but I definitely did not feel completely satisfied - like I wanted to eat again, but couldn't figure out what would satisfy the weird sense of emptiness in my tummy about 2 hours after I ate.


3.  (and this is the WEIRDEST thing I noticed) -- I had what felt like palpitations in my chest while I was gnawing away on my beloved bagel.  I mean, honest-to-god shaky fluttery feelings in my solar plexus!!  Sort of like anxiety, but not quite.  It persisted for a while after I ate and was gone within about an hour.  SO WEIRD.  Any thoughts?  Maybe signs of addiction?  I wish I knew better what was happening to me on a physiological/chemical level to explain that experience.  I would prefer not to experience that again.

Anyway, since I did not like the way I felt after breakfast, I am eating a totally compliant lunch.  I will try some rice with dinner tonight and see what happens...

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Was it a gluten free bagel that you tried, considering you're thinking about trying out rice at dinner?

I'm guessing not, and I'm guessing it was a reaction to the gluten you were having. Aside from digestive issues gluten is known to cause apathy, anxiety, lethargy etc.

You should note that on days were you are reintroducing foods that have been off limits during your Whole30 you should separate out the food groups - so you'll have a day say for legumes (& here some people do a separate day for soy too), then two days compliance, a day for non gluten grains, then two days compliance, then maybe a day for dairy followed by two days complaince. The order you reintroduce is completely up to you, but if you mix the food groups you're not going to know what has caused any potential reactions.

Here's a link to the guidelines:



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It was not gluten-free. So I will proceed with gluten at dinner, then 2 days of compliance; then try gluten-free grains followed by compliance to track the difference in how I feel with gluten vs non-gluten grains. Thanks!

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