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Post Whole30 Plan of Attack!


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DAY 30!!! Finishing strong of course :)


So I've put so much thought into how to balance this new AMAZING lifestyle yet mix back in life prior to Whole30 and it has been scary and exciting to ponder it over. I know staying COMPLETELY on Whole30 is unrealistic right now as July approached but I KNOW I want to continue my progress. I have never felt so confident and happy and in the most perfect routine, so I am all about finding balance and maybe this "plan of attack" can help someone else after their journey post Whole30. 


I thought about the things I love most about Whole30 life and most about pre Whole30 and balancing the two. After being terrified and unsure of the future I found a plan that just might work out for me! I have LOVED journaling daily what I eat, how much water I drink, general notes of the day/feelings/life events, etc. I have also loved my workout routine of trying to go daily but listening to my body when it needs rest or just a walk versus run. Now thinking back to what I want to bring back from my pre Whole30 I know that I miss the social aspect and what comes along with it. I just moved by the beach and can't wait to explore new restaurants,etc. I am also single so sometimes it is tough going on dinner dates or not being able to grab a drink. I want to bring this back but MODERATION.


Here is my plan:


I will continue to journal my daily routine and try to workout as possible. At the end of the day I will rate myself on a point scale on how I did that day which won't beat myself up too much if I indulge a little. I will get one point for eating Whole30, a point for not drinking that day and a point for working out. So somedays I will have a 3 (max points) and other days a 1 or 2 (hoping for VERY little 0s). I think this will keep me accountable and at the end of the week I can see if maybe I indulged a little too much or "wow I could have enjoyed myself a little more!". 


I have a trip abroad coming up at end of the month, I'm dating and with exploring my new home I just know I can't be 100% Whole30 but I will be damned if I lose what I have worked so hard to achieve!!


I'll post tomorrow my final ending results :)

(scale, NSV, etc.)

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