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expand my vegie list- low fodmap and nightshade and egg intolerant

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Hi- the low fodmap is okay, but taking away the nightshades and eggs is hard- I'm still in the process of figuring out which high fodmap foods are giving me trouble- I really hope i don't have to give up everything forever-  I really don't want to eat just greens for the rest of my life. I'm used to eating a southeast Asian diet because I could use fish sauce instead of soy. I used the lists from combining the whole30 fodmap and egg and nightshade free. Am I correct in that i only should eat the items printed in blue? I know squash is good , but it is unavailable in this part of the midwest(at least organic) for awhile yet,so that leaves mostly greens-(I do have to drive 100 miles to get groceries as the local store has never had greens of any kind. A month on this diet should be pretty easy as I have already cut most of the non approved items out of my diet in the last 3 years- I would like a very good aproved vegie list.

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That was helpful, gives me direction. I can only comment on FODMAP, not experienced with nightshades.

My favorite list is the paleo FODMAP list, it has red yellow green coded foods. The whole30 FODMAP list is not up to date. If you google "paleo FODMAP list" you'll see images of what I'm referring to. Can't link it from my little phone.

You might not need to eliminate FODMAP foods forever, the FODMAP issues come from gut bacteria fermenting the fodmaps. Once your bacteria population optimizes, sometime you can start eating those foods again. Or you become ok with limited amounts. Or you find by testing that you can eat certain types of fodmaps but not others.

I did an 8 weeks elimination (really a low as you can go) diet then started testing foods. Pay attention to how much of each food and what type of FODMAP it is as you test. I keep a journal.

As an example: All my veg need to be cooked. I can eat unlimited carrots, zucchini, green beans, peeled cucumber, peppers. Limited tomatoes, cooked greens, parsnip, turnip. Very limited winter squash uncooked greens. No sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, garlic. Haven't tested many others and I'm sure I'm not remembering all of them!

You can't get too hung up on the lists though. There really isn't an "approved" list because this is so individual. If you look at the lists, they'll say to limit zucchini, but I'm ok with lots of it. I've found I can't eat raw but I can eat cooked. Use the list as a guide, and test for yourself.

I don't worry about organic all the time, I peel most foods anyway. Have you looked for cooked greens in the frozen section?

I don't feel limited. I don't miss the foods that made me sick. Rather I find gas, pain, and diarrhea to be limiting.

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This is the list LucieB was talking about   :) 

As a fellow low FODMAPer I'd second everything that Lucie has said. This does't have to be forever, but it will require some patience and some self experimentation.

Personally I can't eat mushrooms, avocados, cauliflower or celery AT ALL. I seem to be okay (now - after almost a year of low FODMAP eating and trials) with limited quantities of cooked beetroot & raw cabbage, but much lesser quantities of most other items on the red list, most of which I just avoid because I know I feel better that way. I avoid coconut milk, and very rarely eat nuts or fruit of any kind other than berries. I can eat unlimited carrots, cherry tomatoes (or other small varieties), cucumber, zucchini, peppers, cooked parsnip, white potato & turnip, scallions (greens only in place of onions), & eggplant.

I sub garlic with garlic infused oil for cooking, and use a lorra lorra spices.

I've never felt deprived because I know this way I feel SO much better.

I've never completely excluded nightshades, but I have done an egg free spell, and am very cautious now about where I buy my eggs from - if the chickens producing the eggs have been fed grain they're a no go, particularly corn which brings me to my knees.

Here's a link to a two egg free & avocado free mayos you could try which should help keep your meals a little more interesting. The middle recipe uses avocado as a base which you'd need to avoid for now. I've used the bottom one with some success - I'd recommend doubling the quantities as it's a bit of a faff for all that it produces otherwise. Trust the process - mine never had peaks like egg whites would when I whipped it, but it did solidify in the fridge and then when I mixed it up it had a mousse like texture and the taste was palatable - a HUGE improvement on the flaxseed one I tried which turned out like wall paper paste  :blink: 

Anyway there is plenty of support here if you need it, and if there's a recipe you're looking to adapt just shout - there's always something you can sub for an off limit ingredient - much easier than trying to seek out specific compliant recipes, although there are some out there....

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Thanks for the link to the paleo Fodmap list! i do have a few more choices. I think for me, the hardest things to avoid are the nightshades, avocado, onions and garlic. I know this is going to be a long process- I had to give up gluten 3 years ago- wasn't a biggie except for delicious craft beer. I was a baker and had to stop almost 20 years ago do to skin allergies and a nagging cough, but didn't associate that with my other symptoms until I got really sick 3 years ago and lost 30# in one month- weight I had been gaining while eating less and less. I'm so glad I discovered whole30 I'm hoping to get the rest of my gut issues under control.


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