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Jo's First Whole 30!


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So day one has been okay all things considered - had a bit of a headache for most of the day and was really really hungry until lunch time. I also felt really tired after another restless night sleep and no sugar/caffeine pick-me-up.


Breakfast - smoothie (not ideal I know but chucked some almonds and stuff in for fat/protein)

Lunch - slow cooked beef and veggie stew

Afternoon snack - spicy parsnip and apple soup with bacon

Evening meal - baked sweet potato with lemon and thyme tuna in olive oil


I climbed after work this evening so I had an afternoon snack as I knew I wouldn't be eating until late. I also drank water - this doesn't sound like the world's greatest achievement but I hate the stuff and usually have cordial or fizzy drinks.


Only 29 more days to go! 



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