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Canadian Thanksgiving


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Hi All!

I had been searching through the recipe archives on the website and found this link for Thanksgiving options:


To quote the article:

All of these dishes are Whole30 compliant, because (a) everything in our Steal This Meal series meets those standards, (B) this is a good opportunity to show your family and friends that your dietary choices are both satisfying and delicious and delicious, © we wanted to provide an alternative for for those of you who simply cannot eat conventional flour, dairy or other ingredients in “traditional†Thanksgiving dishes.

Finally, let's get this out of the way right now. You know we wouldn't normally promote “Paleo-ifying†a poor food choice (like bread-laden stuffing or sugar-drenched cranberry sauce). But in the once-a-year case of a family-centric, culturally significant holiday like Thanksgiving, we believe it's okay to recreate a dish that is reminiscent of what we used to eat. Recreating a Whole30-friendly stuffing for an annual family dinner is not the same thing as justifying your “healthy†Paleo pancakes every morning for breakfast! (But you already knew that.)

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

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