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Day 31 - Happy


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Hi there Wholehearted90,

Thanks for asking.

It was delicious. One scoop of vanilla with chocolate chips and cherry bits. Sort of a Black Forest thing.

I did have an after-effect, though.

About 3 hours later, I developed a great craving for protein.

So I had a hard boiled egg with mayo.

But after my Whole30 compliant supper I seemed to want to eat everything in sight, including my husband's gluten-free crackers.

Yes, I did eat some.

I would guess there was just too much insulin floating around and it needed carbs.

Slept well.

Next morning I woke up a little cranky.

I'm sure that was all part of the sugar from the frozen custard.

Since then I have been on Whole30.

and feeling fine.

Yesterday I introduced Legumes.

Will I eat frozen custard again?

Yes. But I shall be attentive and probably drink a lot of water afterwards; more than I did on the 4th.

Next will be Labor day.

Unless I change my mind and decide to wait until my wedding anniversary.

We do not eat ice cream or frozen custard very often.

We have certain days which are "ice cream days" and those are the only days on which we eat it.

I see that someone has "promoted" me to the category of Advanced Member.

I wonder how that happened?

Hey, how are you doing?

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