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Whole120, then....chaos...


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Hi all,

I have been reading other posts to get inspiration, but so far, no luck...

I did a wonderful Whole 120 from Jan 4 to May 4 - feeling strong, healthy, confident, sexy, and lighter. I have a history of weight gain and loss, good and poor eating habits, but Whole30 is absolutely the right eating program for me, no question.

Then, I had a regular colonoscopy - since then, through camping trips, visits from young nieces who want "normal American kid food" around, work stress, and other misc. obstacles, I have been on an extreme roller coaster, but mostly going far off-track.

Result = headaches, bloating, heartburn, irritability, lethargy, loss of libido, and inflammation in knees....

I say to myself each morning that I will get back on track, and I start off at breakfast doing well, but by midday, I am eating poorly - snacking on sweets and salty, binging in my old ways (donuts, chocolate), so by evening, I feel nauseous, uncomfortable, and defeated. But it is not enough to get me back on track and the cycle continues.

Have one more camping trip looming, so part of me says to wait until after that, but feel that that is just justifying my poor choices and that there will just be another excuse to postpone getting on track....

Inspiration/motivation wanted! ;-}

Thanks for reading, Lily

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Pick a day after your camping trip and treat it like the first time you did a Whole30... prep by clearing out your pantry, writing a list of why you want to do a Whole30, set goals and intentions, tell everyone and then do it like it's a project again... I've been in your situation and it can be insanely difficult to get off the roller coaster, so it's important to make a point of the date, the reasons, do the prep and then intentionally step off the ride....

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Hi SugarcubeOD,

Thanks for your speedy reply -- and the good/reasonable advice. I will try again...and give it my all.

And thanks for the links--it always helps to read through the rules and the reasons why this program is so good for me.

Ironically, our camping trip was up your way -- Alice Lake! Gorgeous!

Kind regards, Lily

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