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In need of serious encouragement!

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I did my first Whole30 back in September of 2015 and kept it going through November, although not as strict after the first 30 days. Since then, I've maintained a mostly whole30 style of eating, but recently I've gone way off track. After leaving a toxic marriage in 2015, ten months later I found myself in another toxic relationship which I just left a week and a half ago. So I'm pretty emotionally drained!


I know I have a lot of work to do on many levels! I know that doing another Whole30 will be so beneficial for my body obviously, but also for my mind. I'm very addicted to chocolate right now and I'm overdoing it with cheese! Thankfully, I'm still avoiding gluten, legumes, corn, soy, and most of the other culprits! But I'm totally addicted to chocolate, and the cheese is so convenient. I think it's the sweet and salty that I keep reaching for.


Also, when I was with my ex boyfriend, I drank a lot of alcohol (influenced by him), which I rarely do. One glass of wine once in a while is the most I ever do. One night I had 5 gin and tonics! It was a toxic relationship in many ways!


I just need to gather up the courage and resolve to do another round and possibly keep it going for more than 30 days.


I need some support and encouragement! The forum was so helpful last time and I plan on reading through it again and getting back on track!!


Thank you!

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:D Boyfriend advice.  Don't date anyone for a good long while. When you're beyond the holding pattern of choosing a person with specific and similar traits...then you can cross that bridge.  But be encouraged,  choosing a boyfriend is not the same as choosing a husband.  Serial daters or cereal daters, stay away from both of those. :P   Dating is an extended audition of constantly gathering info and assessing futures...until sigh and alas, you both can see the altar. 


Alrighty then.  You know the drill and what to do.  You're going to have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette and get yourself back on track.   Shop, Chop, Prep, Cook and whistle while you work.  Turn your music on and wash those men right outta your hair.  Keep your eyes wide open for those who look specifically for vulnerable ones just coming off a marriage or relationship.  Don't tell them much about your past until you know them. 


You also reserve the right to change your mind at any moment.  You deserve the best because YOU are sooooo worth it. 

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Hope you are doing better.


Sometimes we get to much into our heads and thoughts then race. Just go do something fun and get your mind off bad thoughts. Once a day visual what you want and see yourself in the picture being happy.


I agree don't date for awhile and just give yourself a break, do not be so hard on yourself. It's time to get back on track.

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