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Need food strategies while at San Diego Comic Con for Days 24-28


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I'm trying to develop an eating strategy for Days 24-28 while attending San Diego Comic Con. Luckily, I live in San Diego, so I will be coming home every night, even though it might be late. I would like to ask for suggestions or ideas from the forum as to what kind of food I could take with me in my backpack, or dining out options/ideas, while I'm down at the convention center.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to find access to a microwave to heat things up, but I do have lunch containers that have cold packs.

Thank you in advance!

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Any kind of salad will work well in a back pack, although you may want to wait until you eat until you add your dressing/mayo...

As far as cooked veg is concerned sweet potato works well cold, which in turn works well with mayo or avocado.

If you have a flask you could bring some kind of soup with some protein on the side that can be eaten with your fingers - boiled eggs, meatballs, chicken drumsticks etc - again with some kind of mayo/sauce for dipping.

Meat/egg/veg muffins or a pre made/sliced frittata are both very portable and ok eaten cold, or will keep some heat wrapped in foil & placed in an insulated bag.

You could go the really portable option and go for tinned fish, pouches of olives, and pre chopped veg sticks (or just a tub of cherry tomatoes which can be popped like grapes and cucumber which you can chew on like an apple...)

I was at our local Comic Con a few weeks back and there was quite a large catering area both inside and out - the inside one had a full kitchen so I'd imagine if you are working at the convention and they have similar that they'd be happy to let you use it. Maybe ask upfront so you can plan better?

Have fun!

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