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hello & app?


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Hi all,

I've been doing w30 since June 8th. At that time it was very painful to walk, both knees bad. 1-2 hr every morning to get my back moving sufficiently to get up. Lots of little ailments, fatigue etc.

By day 3 I started feeling better, by day 10 all pain was gone & great energy.

Unfortunately last week I must have eaten something that disagreed with me & suffered the consequences (pain), OK again now. Problem was that I couldn't remember exactly what I'd eaten for the last few days.

I've now found an app that works really well, am I allowed to name it here? Its a free/paid app for android that let's you log food / exercise / sleep / environment / symptoms & more.

I've started entering w30 foods from the lists (partially done) & set them to shared so anyone can use them.

My phone is always with me so I log instantly, & an app that can analyze food/symptoms or environment/symptoms etc, will I think, be invaluable when reinto time comes.

The app does NOT count calories, give nutritional data etc - its just logging.

I think it covers nearly all aspects of whole9 apart from social.

I bet Melissa could get the app cloned & tweaked by the developer to be purely whole30/whole9.

I can post some screenshots if allowed.

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That's it, thanks.

If anyone else is using it, I've entered the proteins, vegetables & fruits, working through fats now. You should be able to just use them next time they update/sync the database,(typing w30 protein for list of all proteins, or w30 salmon etc).

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