Problems with Corn and Inflammatory Oils?


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Hello Whole30ers and Life After Whole30ers!

So I finished my second Whole30 a few weeks ago and I'm currently in slow roll reintroduction. After reintroducing gluten free grains on several days, I've found that I don't have any problems with them, and I'm fine incorporating them into my diet.


However, the last two times I ate Skinny Pop popcorn (popcorn, salt, sunflower oil only) I noticed the following day my energy was obliterated. (Everything else both days was Whole30 compliant.) But what I find odd is that when I've eaten chips from Chipotle, also made with corn and sunflower oil, I have no issues.


My only theory as to why this could be is because perhaps I'm sensitive when I have *too much* of the corn/sunflower oil/both in combo? I tend to eat a lot of popcorn when I do have it. And I've found this is the case with almonds -- a few sprinkled on a salad and I'm fine, but fry something in almond flour and the next day I'm dead.


Does anyone with better knowledge of this stuff than myself have any potential thoughts on this weird phenomenon? Thanks!

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I'm not sure that the corn/oil combo is a factor here - I'd imagine it's more of a quantity thing, as it's much easier to over-eat popcorn than chips.

Personally I can't touch corn. It floors me. As in I literally have to lie down on the sofa until the moment passes because I feel so odd - lack of energy, dizzy, nauseated, bloated.

Have you tried eating just plain old sweetcorn to see how it effects you?

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Corn bloats me so bad that even small amounts just aren't worth it. Not sure about the energy effects because I probably would attribute lack of energy to poor mental health, sleep, and eating afterwards.

To further advice above, also try difference kinds of corn preparation. I went thru a rigorous testing of corn research. What you're eating is processed so that has added factors. I tried plain ground corn like polenta, and nixtamalizated corn that is supposedly more bioavailable, etc. So if you're looking to eat corn, keep those options open.

And sweet corn has a different sugar/starch profile than field corn. To me they are separate reintroductions. Although my gut sees them as similar.

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