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I want to preface this post with the fact that I know Whole30 is about the non-scale victories and not ultimately about weight loss, BUT since I have completed my second Whole30 after taking a slight week-long break in order to continue to shed some more weight/become more lean... this is important to me. 


I have had some non-scale victories as a result of this lifestyle (such as increased energy levels despite my Hashimotos), but I am pretty overweight and don't have many ailments outside of my hypothyroidism (26 years old, 5'4", 183 lbs).  I'm relatively active since I work outside a lot thanks to my career as an environmental scientist, but since I'm a consultant there's A LOT of traveling and I haven't had time to hit the gym on top of meal-prepping.  I have been biking to and from work the past week (totals to about 30 minutes a day, more if I need to bike to the grocery store) just so I can get SOME soft of activity in.  I want to get back to a weight where I can start running long distances again without irritating my hip, since I am signed up for my second half marathon in October (I start training officially in August). I ran my first half about two years ago and was about 170 lbs and had no issues with my joints.


Anyway, I was wondering if it's totally wrong to kind of count calories in the back of my mind when I'm planning my meals?  I am still making sure that I'm following the palm-protein, thumb-fat, and rest of the plate with veggies.  My typical day looks something like this



Breakfast scramble (prepped Sunday with 5 veggies I get from my CSA that week.  This week it was beets, radishes, kale, mushrooms, bell pepper with compliant chicken apple sausage and eggs.  The veggies vary slightly since it depends on what I get in my share that week, but I try to have 5 different vegetables with the sausage and egg). 



Leafy greens (again, depends on CSA share) topped with tuna/avocado or ground beef taco meat/avocado, 1 serving of fruit (apple, banana, blueberries, or grapes), and an extra veggie (carrot, sugar snap peas, or snow peas)



This varies a bit... I try to change the protein I have each day (chicken, beef, or ground turkey).  I again keep the palm-protein, thumb-fat, and rest of the plate with veggies rule in mind with each meal.  


I also take a multivitamin with either lunch or breakfast (depends on when I remember lol).  I am also on Levothyroxine for my Hashimoto's.


This is a pretty vague post, but I was just wondering if anyone had any advise about how to drop some weight so I can start running again without pain.


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If you're counting calories in the back of your mind or combining any other program with the W30, it doesn't work.  Many have tried to mix the WW and W30 with mixed results, it mostly flops.


It's a Food Reset, so it doesn't matter how many you do, the premise and tenets are the same. The side effects of 'weight loss' are greatly desired but can be as fleeting as the nature of a comet.  Especially on Day 31 and beyond.


Whole 30 is only 30 days for the Food Reset.  For food and weight stability, it will take much longer than 30 days.  Consistency works better than here a little and there a little.  Don't stop until you reach your optimum setpoint.  After that,  there's much more to be done to maintain stability in all areas.   


See you on the other side, when you get there.  Read everything on the forum about weight releasing in your spare time.  Research and really dig in for the nuggets of truth.  It will keep your hands busy while you're tooling along. 

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Despite what all the talk would lead you to believe, the body does not lose weight evenly. The body loses weight in fits and starts, dribs and drabs, here and there. You might go two weeks and gain one pound, and then lose three pounds the next week while not eating differently. That is nature. That is real. Trying to achieve a consistently sloped line of weight loss is a setup for gaining weight in the long run because it is so foreign to the way a human body works. 


What you are reporting for meals will lead to your losing weight over the coming months (if you are eating enough). I was looking for you to identify that you were eating as many eggs as you could hold in one hand and at least a palm-size portion of protein, etc. If you eat less, your metabolism slows down and that prevents weight loss. People who lose weight over the long term and keep it off lose that weight while eating generously.


Your medical issues make linear, smooth weight loss even less likely than a person with no medical issues. Embrace the uneven way!


Weighing is best if it occurs no more often than once per month. It is not actually necessary to weigh every month, but weighing as often as once per week is a setup for disappointment. 


The Whole30 process really works, but it is necessary to trust the process and stay with it for months at a time when you have medical problems as a complication. 

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Thanks for the words of wisdom everyone! @Tom, I am eating two eggs a day (there are 5 meals in the scramble, and 10 eggs in total in the recipe).  I'll keep keepin'-on the Whole30 path.  My friend is starting her second Whole30 with me as I start my third, so it will be great to have a partner to discuss these things immediately with :)  I truly believe in the way I've been eating and it's taken a lot of me to not scream it from the rooftops lol.


I'm planning on a 3 mile run after work today to see how my body feels.  Maybe the pain I was experiencing from running before was from some inflammation I was unaware of and not the weight as much as I thought.  I would LOVE to get back into running since it really helps my mood.


Thanks @ultrarunnergirl!  Not only am I hoping biking will help get my blood flowing, but my boyfriend and I are trying to save all the pennies we can for a house so that was my other motive behind the biking ;)

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