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Day 5 and really hungry


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If you're really hungry, eat. Ideally, have a mini-meal of protein, fat, and veggies, or at least two of the three. If you're consistently hungry between meals, there's a good chance your meals need to be bigger -- keep in mind that the meal template lists a range (1-2 palm-sized portions of protein, for instance), so if you need to eat to the upper end of the range, that's fine.  In general, you should add fat in addition to the fat you cook in, as much of what you cook in stays in the pan and isn't consumed, so if you're not already doing that, that's one place to start. 


Also be sure you're drinking plenty of water -- aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz.


For more specific feedback, if you could list a day or two worth of meals, including approximate portion sizes as they relate to the meal template (linked in my signature below), and with specifics (not just "a bunch of vegetables" but a cup of salad greens, a roasted beet, etc.), we could give you better tips based on what you're actually eating.

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