Cleaning out cupboard Take 2


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I'm coming to the end of day 27. I'm going to do a W45 before I try to reintroduce anything. Before I started I cleaned out my cupboards and threw out a pile of stuff that would be out of date before I could try it again. The rest of the stuff, I stored out of the kitchen on a set of shelves.

Well today, I threw out another 3 large carrier bags of food. 27 days into this way of eating, I looked at what I was keeping, reread the labels and thought "Seriously why would I even want to reintroduce this junk?" There are a few things I'd like to, eventually, try reintroducing to see how I get on with them but there's so much I just don't ever want in my body again.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this, so what things have other people decided to cut out for good?

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I'm only 6 days in and I'm already convinced of that. I knew before the gluten gave me issues but now after elimnating all the other grains, dairy and the refined sugars I feel more amazing than ever!

Wish I could enpty our house out but unfortunately I am the only one crazy (or sane) enough to do this so I'd probably get locked out. But I'm with you, if it comes in a package or you can't pronounce what is in it, there is probably no need for it in our bodies in the first place.

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