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Bar manager doing whole30

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This is my first whole30 and I'm on day 8, amazed at myself for doing this, feeling bloated but dealing with it, but I have a big question!

I am a bar manager at a craft cocktail bar. My job entails tasting wines and beers to choose, creating cocktail recipes (this involves tasting) and insuring the quality of most if not all drinks I serve with a straw test (putting a small drink straw into the drink and covering the end of the straw to trap the liquid. Do this 100x per night it adds up to about 1/2-3/4 of an oz). When tasting to choose, I can spit, when testing recipes, I can spit, but I'm not going to spit in front of guests at the bar. The moral of the story is, I haven't had a drink and I am avoiding alchohol at all costs, but some will get in! Or I can't do my job. Do you guys think this whole thing is worthless if I can't keep even a tiny bit of alchohol out of my system? I bartend 3x a week the rest is managerial.

I have Lyme disease and systemic inflammation from

The antibiotics I was on for it. I have made made many dietary changes to help my health and nothing has made a dramatic difference. I never completely quit drinking (more than a few weeks at a time) simply because it's part of my career. But I am aware of the inflammation it causes, so I thought this would be a great chance to see how it feels. It's a lot easier than I imagined to not have a drink. However, I was hired for my palate...I don't know if I can put it out of commission!!!

Any thoughts?

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I think you could improve your health significantly by making 1/2 to 3/4 ounce of alcohol the only deviation you make from the Whole30 menu. You might improve your health even more with zero alcohol, but that does not seem to be an option, so I would say start the experiment and see how it goes. 


My brother-in-law has Lyme's disease. He talked to me about the Whole30 in a moment of desperation, but has never committed. I don't think what you eat will cure Lyme's, but it can reduce systemic inflammation to a much more livable level.

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