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Can someone post a sample of a BFing meal plan?

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I just want to make sure I'm not over or under eating during my whole30... I know to eat 4 square meals a day but working out every day seems to throw me off for pre and post workout meal. Can someone post a sample of their day with workouts with portions ect ? :) thankssss!

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Hi Terri,


This is not a cookie-cutter program where you could eat what someone else eats and expect to get the same results.  The entire Whole30 is an n=1 experiment.


We have the meal template (linked in my signature below) that you should start with.


1-2 palms of protein (or as many eggs as you can hold in your hand)

1-3 cups veggies (non-starchy, aim for 3 cups)

add at least 1 fist sized serving of starchy veggie each day

1-2 thumbs fat (or half to whole avocado or heaping handfuls olives/coconut) limit nuts to one closed handful every other day if you choose to eat them


Repeat this as many as 4 times a day.  Sip on compliant coconut milk or eat compliant olives throughout the day to keep your fats up.  The recommendation for non-active and non breastfeeding people is at least 1/2 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight.  More because you're breastfeeding and more because you workout.


If you are working out, pre-workout have protein and fat and post-workout have lean protein and starchy veggie.  These meals are in addition to your regular meals.  If your workout is shortly after one of your main meals, you may not need a pre workout meal but if you deplete yourself during your workout you should be having the post workout.  It doesn't have to be huge, just a few bites of lean protein and starchy veggie right when you are done your exercise.


You can make whatever meals you like from these guidelines, the options are literally endless when combined with each person's individual context and schedule.

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