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Post Whole30 Accountability


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Back in March/April/May, I completed a Whole55 and felt on top of the world! My scale victory and (more importantly) NSVs made me feel fantastic. I did a few not well planned reintros - dairy and gluten are definitely no-nos for me. I then immediately rolled into a vacation in Mexico. I did a really great job in Mexico of not over doing it, but I did enjoy some mixed drinks and desserts that are definitely not Whole30 compliant. Coming back from Mexico, I told myself I'd commit to another Whole30 in the month of June. I did great for about the first two weeks but then I started to slip. I'd come back and recommit to Whole30 but then a day or two later I'd find myself slipping up again. Let's just say that after this past holiday weekend I'm back into my pre-Whole55 ways.


I'm fed up with slipping backwards but hesitant to restart a real Whole30 right now because my husband and I will be going to visit his parents in a couple weeks. I know they will go out of their way to try to accommodate me, but I don't want to be rude and turn my nose up to everything they make because it's not Whole30 compliant.  


So, I am planning right now to start a Whole30 on July 25th but in the meantime I need help staying on track...or at least really close to it. I truly believe the main reason I was so successful in my Whole55 is because I documented and participated in these forums everyday. In June, during my failed Whole30 attempt, I didn't even come to the forums one time. So even if nobody responds to this thread, just putting it out there already makes me feel more accountable.


If nothing else, June taught me that I'm not quite ready to take the training wheels off my bike yet. They're going back on starting July 25th, but I'm hoping in the meantime I can just stay upright and stop falling down.

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