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Heidi's 547th Whole 30


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Not really, but it feels like it.  I did my first W30 in 2014 and lasted 27 days before I let the sugar dragon take over.  I attempted several restarts with no success.  Last month, I started to contemplate doing another one.  The Whole 30 book was ordered, and I reread It Starts With Food.  Again, everything in both books just made sense.  So, I picked a date, July 5, to start.  It was much easier to prepare myself for what was ahead, and I really look forward to feeling good inside my skin again.  This past year has been hectic (student teaching and job hunting), and my body has taken a beating.  Now, I have a teaching position in my hometown and I am living at home.  The things I need (the food processor) are still MIA, but I am making due without them for now.  Even though it is only Day 2, I am finding I do not miss the junk.  I have a 6 yo old son who has an obsession with chocolate cupcakes (as in, he will only eat the ones with Charlie Brown on the box), and I think they are disgusting (which helps).  I also live with my Dad, who is a "meat and potatoes" guy and doesn't like "fancy" food.  He is supportive but thinks the Paleo lifestyle is too expensive.  Yes, I tell him, it is.  However, I would rather spend money on good fuel for my body instead of fast food and sugary treats.  Can I afford to buy Ghee and meat online? No.  Is it on my wishlist? Yes.  When I can, I will.  I live an hour away from the closest big town, so the money I am saving by not eating out is going into my "Paleo  Fund".  The fund is  growing rapidly.  :D

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