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Littleg reining it in


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@ExpatElle  I'm sure staying as fit as I did played a role in my short pushing time.  If nothing else the mind body connection matters... when they said things like "push towards the ceiling" I could change the way I pushed.  Except for my lady parts nothing was sore.  Thanks for the PT advice, I'll give it until 2-3 weeks and then look into it.  No one mentioned the incontinence to me... its real.  MD said 2-3 weeks to get back control over those muscles.  I've finally rounded a corner and can spend ~30 min on my feet.  And I can put on my own underwear!  I have no doubt W30 foods are helping!  I've been having a splash of 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee and I had oatmeal a few mornings (its a galactagogue and I really wanted some... but alas the gas wasn't worth it) but besides that W30.  I also read that breastfeeding without sufficient protein can cause a woman to lose 20% of her muscle mass!  Yikes!  I worked hard to gain all this muscle - I want baby to get protein from my frittatas - not my shoulders that finally got toned :)

Thanks @JulieP757 and @ShannonM816!

@J9er This spring (if you aren't on a beach in Hawaii... :rolleyes: ) me, you and little man are gonna hike up a mountain!  Hubs thinks my pre-delivery "goal" of being in shape for the Spartan Beast in the fall is realistic... we'll see... I have some good training (read: increasing) weight to carry with me now!

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Glad to hear you've rounded the corner! Yay for putting on your underwear lol. I have a friend who's does continence training as part of her nursing job and has lots of mom clients. I'll see if she has any reading materials and or tips and tricks she can pass along. I remember her having a client in her 30's who had her kids when he was 21. She had been peeing while she jogged for 10 years!!!  She was able to help her and get her to a place of not needing a massive pad while she jogged so I figure she knows something. 

And Heck yes, I'm always up for some elevation change. Gotta keep my legs in shape for any potential west coast moves :) 

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