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Shirl's first Whole 30!!


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Hi! I officially started on July 5th although I had been mentally prepping myself since May. My husband and I for the most part follow a clean diet but we really enjoy going out to dinner/trying new delicious restaurants and drinking wine and fancy cocktails so that will be our biggest challenge. I am also already getting headaches that I attribute to the lack of sugar.  I've enlisted my family and some friends and i'm really happy to not do the diet alone. I hope that I can make it through the 30 days. 


Anyway, onto my log:


Day 1 Tuesday July 5


I didn't prep for lunch so I kind of messed myself up there. I work in a neighborhood with awful lunch options so brown bagging it is really the most ideal situation. 


Breakfast - 2 eggs over medium, avocado and some tobasco. Black iced coffee (we made a pitcher of Grady's Cold Brew, it's really nice, not acidic at all!) 


Lunch - ugh nightmare. Waited until I left work, went food shopping, finally got home and made two hard boiled eggs just to have something. Also had a few cubes of watermelon. not ideal. 


Dinner - boneless pork chops seasoned with Flavor God Everything seasoning and a little paprika. (just one pork chop each, check the photo for size. Also, I only at half of it.) Cooked in a cast iron pan on the stove top and finished off in the oven. Roasted broccoli (drizzled with evoo & some salt and pepper) and we split a sweet potato. This would have been a good opportunity for that applesauce topping that's in the book but oh well next time!



Day 2 Wednesday July 6


I prepped for today so I was feeling pretty proud of myself lol. Also, I went for a run! so yay!



Breakfast - I had left over roasted broccoli from the night before so I cut that up and threw it in my eggs along with some yellow onion. Topped with some avocado. Le yum!


Lunch - I made the Stuffed Peppers from the W30 book. Truth be told - i was shocked how good they came out. It's funny how afraid of salt i had always been but a pinch goes a long way. The book says that 4 peppers = 2 servings but I personally felt like that was too much. So I only had one (same with my husband) and saved the rest.


Snack - Handful of red grapes


Snack 2 - I got home from work and was so hungry so I had a handful of pistachios just to keep my stomach from talking. 


Dinner - Roasted Chicken. We bought a whole chicken, cut it in half and cooked it on the cast iron pan on top of sliced lemons and rosemary. We used an enormous pot to do like a brick chicken style and then finished it off in the oven. I didn't get a chance to pick up another veggie and we had an enormous eggplant so we made baba ganoush (Recipe here ) and added some roasted garlic in there and had that with some endive spears. Really good! In the picture I attached you'll see it's a LOT of chicken but I saved half for lunch for tomorrow. 




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Day 3 Thursday July 7


Today I woke up with a headache that lasted all day. It's probably withdrawal from sugar even though I promise I don't eat a lot of it! Or maybe I did and I just didn't realize it. Either way it's 8:30 pm and I still have a headache. 


Meal 1 - Breakfast  - two hard boiled eggs, salt and pepper and paprika


Meal 2 - Lunch  - Leftover  W30 stuffed pepper from yesterday.


Snack -  homemade baba ganoush and some celery


Meal 3 - Dinner  - Made the beet & avocado salad from the W30 book. Put it over dino kale because I had extra in the fridge and I wanted to use it before it went bad. This salad is everything, i made extra to take to work yesterday! My husband made us hanger steak in the cast iron pan and topped it with homemade chimichurri. It was deliiiiishhhhh!


No snacks tonight! Just water :) Hope everyone had a great day!


post-97522-0-19933700-1467938854_thumb.j post-97522-0-82066400-1467938856_thumb.j

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Day 4 Friday July 8


Woke up with a headache AGAIN! Hanging in there though. I'm trying not to get too crabby over having a restricted diet but it comes through sometimes. I'm only human! 


Exercise - Went for a run! I ran a FULL mile and only walked about a half! WOO!


Meal 1 - Breakfast - two eggs over easy with avocado & black iced coffee


Meal 2 - Lunch - Leftover roasted beets salad with kale, avocado and orange. Recipe from the W30 book. and leftover roasted chicken from the other night. I'm gonna be honest here, I don't think Beets and I get along. I had a ton of lower stomach pain (similar to cramps) and I just don't know what that could be from. I'll try them again though. Might as well right?


Snack - I snacked on some nuts (handful of almonds and a small handful of pistachios between 2:30 and 6.


Meal 3 - Dinner - My sister & her fiance are so sweet and they're doing the W30 with us so they made dinner and had us over. It was a pork patty (burger? i guess?) that had asian flavors (they joked that it tasted like a pork dumpling) so scallions and ginger. Then they made regular potatoes and tossed them with a vinegarette that they made with red wine vinegar, dill, shallots. 




Ok wait, then later we had a "dessert". Half a banana, some almond butter drizzled on top and some sunflower seeds. Talk about a depressing "dessert" I could have done without but it's the weekend. 


The most difficult part of the night was not having any alcohol. We are all very social early 30 somethings and we don't have kids at this point in our lives so the weekends usually serve as time to go out and unwind with a few drinks. I didn't realize how much I drink until I had taken on this challenge. I knew it would be less difficult to curb the weekday drinking (which truth be told was pretty often) but we got through it. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Day 5 Saturday July 9 


I woke up with a headache again today and feeling very dry. I had some water which immediately helped even though the headache lingered a bit. Can we talk about how boring Saturday night is while being sober? I'm having a tough time over here! We passed on going to a friends house because I just didn't want to be the sober gal at the party. I'm glad we did though because they're over there right now concocting crazy mixology cocktails and that is way too tempting for me. 3 more weekends and my first reintroduction will be a glass of wine. Or maybe chocolate, I miss chocolate.


Anyway, onto the food log:


Meal 1 - Breakfast - Two eggs over medium, avocado and slices of tomato and black coffee. My husband did this thing where he made a double shot of espresso and then put it in a cocktail shaker with ice and shook it up. It really mellow'd out the flavor and brought down the acidity. Doing that also foams up the crema on top so I sprinkled some cinnamon on it. I'm hooked!


Meal 2 - Lunch - We dropped the ball today and had nothing planned! So we ended up at chipotle and had the only compliant stuff on the menu, i'm sure you've all googled it but it was salad with carnitas, the two compliant salsas and guac. It was satisfying enough although I didn't finish all of it. 


Meal 3 - Dinner - I made the Cod with the mushrooms and roasted red peppers from the W30 book. It was alright. I don't know if i'd make this again though. We also split a small sweet potato that I cut up into wedges and baked in the oven



I took the day off from exercise, I need to get it together though. I used to be in the gym at least 4 days a week. I'll get there. I didn't snack today so that's pretty good! Until tomorrow!



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Day 6 Sunday July 10


We made it through the weekend! I am insanely proud of myself AND my family! I have recruited so many people to join me on this journey and to be completely honest I am shocked at how well everyone is doing. My parents are doing what I consider Whole30 "lite" because they aren't going to the extremes with checking labels (for example deli meat) but to be totally honest they're doing so great. My Dad has diabetes and this is the lowest his sugar has been in years. My Mom already looks like she's losing weight in her face. I'm just so so happy with everyone and their control with food. My Mom picked up the book and she's really getting into it so we'll see how things progress. 


This morning I went for a 1.5 mile run! I did great! :D


And now of course the meals


Meal 1 - Breakfast - scrambled eggs and a seared tomato. Black iced espresso (shaken in a cocktail shaker - this is the move people!!) with some cinnamon on top




Meal 2 - Lunch - We went to my parents to BBQ today because the weather wasn't good enough for our beach standards lol. My Hub and Dad went to Whole Foods and picked up a bunch of stuff. My parents are the type that always cook a ton of food so I knew we had to be strategic. They got beef kabobs with bell peppers and onions, unseasoned. They also hit the olive bar and made sure to pick up compliant olives, peppers and artichokes. I picked at a few but kept it to a minimum. We also had shrimp that my mom makes by boiling them until they're cooked and we made compliant cocktail sauce from scratch (tomato paste, horseradish, salt and lemon juice) My dad and Hub had some clams and oysters on the half shell but I did not indulge. 




Meal 3 - Dinner - We already had planned on cooking chicken so we bought it all over and decided to grill everything and make extra to bring to work this week for lunch. We also grilled some potato wedges and zucchini. Finally, my parents had some scallops and we cooked those in a pan with some ghee and olive oil. I only had one just to taste it, two chicken drum sticks, a handful of potato wedges and some zucchini. 




Dessert? - they had figs, I had half of one just to taste it but I did not want to eat anymore. It was delicious! 


I'm home now enjoying a class of cucumber infused water which is kind of like gin but not at all lol. Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 

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Welcome aboard!  I love that you did the mental prep since May and way to go getting friends/family on board.  Sounds like a terrific support system and we will all be your cheerleaders. 


Giving up alcohol for a month is a double-edged sword of "it's good for me" and "I miss it."  Cucumber water, while delicious, is NOT a Hendrick's and tonic (dang! ^_^ ), but the self-discipline and overall feeling at the end of 30 days absolutely trumps all. 


Keep up the terrific job!  :D

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Welcome aboard!  I love that you did the mental prep since May and way to go getting friends/family on board.  Sounds like a terrific support system and we will all be your cheerleaders. 


Giving up alcohol for a month is a double-edged sword of "it's good for me" and "I miss it."  Cucumber water, while delicious, is NOT a Hendrick's and tonic (dang! ^_^ ), but the self-discipline and overall feeling at the end of 30 days absolutely trumps all. 


Keep up the terrific job!  :D



Thank you so much!! It's infinitely easier doing anything when you've got a buddy right? I go back and forth on what i want my first drink to be after the 30 is done, wine maybe.. but possibly a negroni... so many options!! 


Thank you for the support! :)

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Day 7 Monday July 11 


We did it friends! It's DAY 7 THAT'S A FULL WEEK! I woke up without a headache today and I've felt pretty good all day. I did feel a little lethargic but maybe it was due to being bored at work and just sitting around. I did not exercise this morning because I always worry i'm going to overdo it but I'm going to kick it up a notch this week, I have to.



Meal 1 - Breakfast - two eggs, hot sauce, iced coffee (store bought and compliant!) I ate a bit later this morning, i'm not sure why but I just wasn't that hungry this morning. 


Meal 2 - Lunch - I brought left over chicken, zucchini and potatoes to work with a carrot cut up and a bottle of pellegrino. Can we all get a good laugh out of my new lunchbox? How funny is this? To be completely honest, the containers I bought are child size and I'm not one who needs huge portions. Still using it! 



Meal 3 - Dinner - Zucchini noodles with grilled shrimp and tomato sauce (made from scratch, we use sweet grape tomatoes) It scratched the pasta itch for sure! Hubby and I are completely satisfied!



AND I prepped for tomorrow (the stuffed peppers again, so easy) and got a steak for tomorrow night but i'll write about it after it's made and eaten :) Woo!



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Day 8 Tuesday July 12


Yay! I'm officially IN my second week! Let me tell you, the sugar dragon was vicious today. I've been completely fine with cravings up until today. Sure I wanted a glass of wine with dinner or a gin while watching tv for a little night cap but it was more out of a feeling of familiarity to be honest. However, today all I wanted was a cupcake and I have no idea why. I almost forgot for a second that I was on the diet and a friend offered me one of those chocolate covered dried blueberries. I took the bag and nearly threw it when I remembered! Instead I took a nice big smell of the delicious chocolate and handed it back to my friend lol. I stayed compliant! 


My family and friends are starting to get a bit crabby. They've been snapping at me and I'm just hoping that tiger blood phase hits them all soon!


Exercise: Went for a 1mile run this morning. I woke up and did not want to run but I did it and I noticed that my recovery was MUCH quicker than it has been every other time I ran. I feel really good about that!


Meal 1 - Breakfast - Two eggs, over well, salt, pepper, hot sauce, sadness.


Meal 2 - Lunch - We made those stuffed peppers again so I brought one to work, I have another for tomorrow. Pellegrino water for a drink because i'm fancy.


Meal 3 - Dinner - Hanger steak with chimichurri, grilled asparagus with lemon zest and half a sweet potato with salt, pepper and some ghee. 


Meh, a little boring but successful!



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Day 9 Wednesday July 13


Did I forget to log this last night?! Yesterday was rough people. I was super crabby and irritated. My crew is getting serious egg fatigue so ANY other suggestions for breakfast are welcome!! All I wanted all day yesterday were cupcakes but I did not cave!


Meal 1 - Breakfast - eggs, black coffee. life is lame


Meal 2 - Lunch - Stuffed pepper and sparkling water


Snack - Half a grapefruit, then a few hours later I had a handful of cashews. I was so hungry!!!


Meal 3 - Dinner - Walnut crusted pork chops with roasted brussels sprouts. 



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Day 10 Thursday July 14


I was so tired and fell asleep early last night so I didn't get to write this out until now!


Thursday was a good day! 


Meal 1 - Breakfast - Avocado egg salad on endive spears and black coffee. 


Meal 2 - Lunch - Grilled chicken breast with fingerling potatoes and brussels sprouts


Snack - handful of cashews


Meal 3 - Dinner - Burger with sauteed onions on top with homemade ketchup, grilled portobello mushroom, tomato salad and green beans


Desert? - tiny slice of watermelon



Mood - GOOD! :)



I have photos but i'm having trouble uploading them. i'll try again later :)



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Day 11 Friday July 15


This will be a quick one!


Meal 1 - Breakfast - two eggs over medium, hot sauce, black coffee (anyone shocked?)


Meal 2 - Lunch - grilled chicken, potatoes, chimichurri sauce. 


Snack - cashews


Meal 3 - Dinner - We invited friends over for dinner and cooked for them! We had some olives on the table for picking, tomato and avocado salad with red onion and basil and we made zucchini noodle pasta and home made marinara with shrimp. "dessert" was berries with some coconut cream concoction that we made which was decent at best. Spoiler alert, coconut cream doesn't turn into whipped cream, it doesn't even froth :-| neither does almond milk! Despite our best efforts it was satisfying enough. Mint makes everything better :)


Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!

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Day 12 Saturday July 16

This day was tough. We went to a big BBQ party but luckily we made sure there were compliant foods and snacks. I'm proud to say we stuck sigh the diet!

Meal 1 - Breakfast - eggs. What else is new

Meal 2 - Lunch - sausage and broccoli rabe. Super compliant and super sad next to all the delicious food at the BBQ

Meal 3 - Lunch 2 - baked chicken tomato salad and regular salad.

Snack - the rest of the day we snacked on olives and crudités

Meal 5 - Dinner - half a burger plain with compliant ketchup, more baked chicken

Dessert - fruit.

Im proud of my success!!

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Day 13 Sunday July 17


Today was a beach day all day! We went with our friends and my sister and her hubby who are all doing the Whole 30 with us so today was eaaasy! The beach we went to has Charcoal GRILLS!!! So we packed up all veggies, olive oils, fresh fish, fruit and nuts with a ton of water and had a blast :)


Meal 1 - Breakfast - 1 egg basted, few slices of grapefruit


Beach time - snacked on some fresh pineapple and mango, also snacked on cashews


Meal 2 - Lunch - Tuna steak, grilled calamari, grilled peppers, endive, portabello mushrooms.


Meal 3 - Dinner - We ate out at a little seafood shack, I had blackened Mahi Mahi and a bite or two of my husbands lobster, we also had steamed clams and mussels along with a baked potato. We used olive oil on the lobster and it was an interesting and delicious new way that i think i'll eat lobster lol. 


All in all a great day! I might have another piece of fruit just because i am still a bit hungry. maybe the grapefruit? Maybe just some water. 


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Hello!! Pardon my absence! I'm STILL WHOLE 30 people!! My crew has grown smaller by 2 but it's ok! We're trucking on :)


Day 14 Monday July 18


Meal 1 - Breakfast - Eggs 


Meal 2 - second breakfast? -  I finally had a RX bar! Sea salt and chocolate specifically. To be honest, it wasn't that delicious but it was good enough. 


Meal 3 - Lunch -  Some of a greek salad (all compliant stuff including oil and vinegar dressing)


Snack - cashews intermittently throughout the afternoon. 


Meal 4 - Dinner - We did fajitas/lettuce wraps. they were pretty good!



Successful day!


Day 15 - Tuesday July 19


Meal 1 - Breakfast - Eggs


Meal 2 - Lunch - Grilled chicken, brussels sprouts and sweet potato, also had a nectarine


Snack - cashews


Meal 3 - Dinner - "Linguini" with clams (zucchini noodles lol) Lets be real, this would have been infinitely better with some white wine but it was good enough!



Snack - My husband and I split a banana with some almond butter


Exercise - Ran 2 miles! ran/walked... i tried lol 


Notes: Today I no longer feel like i'm On a Diet I feel like this is just the way I eat and I'm beyond proud of myself for getting halfway through this. I'm very happy with how I feel, I'm actually ok with not drinking too. It feels nice to not wake up with a headache or foggy. All is well :)


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