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Whole Foods Sonoma Chicken


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Has anyone ever tried to make the Whole Foods Sonoma Chicken salad Whole30 complaint. Or do you think that this recipe would be just as tasty without the honey?

Going to watch an air and water show and I want to be sure that I have some protein packed foods that I can enjoy.


Additionally, are any potato other than sweet allowed? Red, Yukon gold, russet? Thanks!


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All potatoes are permitted.  Please see the rules and the "Can I Have" article linked in my signature below.


I would not dream of putting honey in my chicken salad.


Try googling "Nom Nom Paleo Madras Chicken Salad" it's delicious and W30 approved!

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I have made this without honey, and it turned out great. I used homemade mayo, grapes, celery, pecans, and, of course, chicken.  The homemade mayo is so delicious, I didn't miss the honey at all....Good luck!

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