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Week 1 - Complete


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As a newbie in this Whole30 I'm proud to say I made to week 1! **Insert air confetti here** 


Some of the things I went through were:


Body & Mind:

-Sugar cravings

-Headaches (due to sugar cravings)

-Feeling dizzy (sorted it with drinking more water)

-Being extra hungry in the morning

-Bloating going way down

-Lots of moments of doubt especially at night when I wanted to binge eat

-Sense of taste went up when eating more fruits 

-Mood was a bit all over the place 


And the biggest thing of all:



I finally felt motivated to do things! When it came to laundry I'd leave it in the drier for three days. After I was done making a meal pans would be left unclean in the sink. I would always come home eat and then watch TV until bed without going to the gym.


Now I follow through with cleaning up after myself and choosing to exercise plus taking things like the stairs in my apartment building or walking to the store rather than using the bus. 


I feel like my body and mind are finally turned to "ON" and I'm functioning properly as a human being.


This was all in the first week. Looking forward to what's next for me!

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