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Start Date July 5th, First Timer.


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My name is Kendra and I started the Whole30 for the first time just on July 5th, 2015. I heard about the Whole30 from a close friend, who just finished her first time a few weeks ago and said she is feeling great. She mentioned how much her energy levels have risen and how she doesn't have many cravings anymore. I would love to experience both these things because I have found, especially in the last few months that I just have so much trouble staying energetic throughout the day and I was binge eating unhealthy foods all the time.


My first week has kind of failed as far as my meal planning. I have stayed on track, but I have also had quite a few unexpected things pop up that have made it hard to spend any time in the kitchen and I have therefore been eating a lot of left-overs and finding myself a little bored. I have mostly been making things from the book, but some of the recipes are things that I have not liked and some just take too long for me to make. I'm wondering if anyone out there can give me some ideas for simple meals that I can also take with me on the go? And maybe some snacks that aren't fruit, because I feel like maybe that could be feeding my sugar dragon and I want my body to get used to feeding off of proteins and fats rather than sugar.


Another thing that has been interesting so far is that (surprisingly) I haven't had very many cravings. After eating the way I have been for almost the past year, I thought I would have some major cravings. When I have had some small cravings, it almost feels as if I don't really want it, I just happen to be thinking about it. This combined with the food boredom I mentioned earlier, I feel like I get hungry but I just don't really want to eat... has anyone else experienced this? Maybe this will change after the first week or so, since I've heard that people normally feel different after the first week... I just thought I would be having experiences closer to those described in the Whole30 book. 

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