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Hello! First Timer Starting on July 11th


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Hi, all~


My name is Brie and I will be starting Whole 30 for the first time on Monday, July 11. I've done some prep work - cleaned out my fridge and cabinets. I have a bag ready to go to the food pantry. I've selected my recipes for the week and went grocery shopping. I still have a couple more things to pick up. Tomorrow is Sunday which will be my prep day to do all of my cooking for the week.


I will be doing the program alone as I'm single. Friends of mine have done the program and have seen great results. I have started several different weight loss programs over the years - Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Super Shred, 21 Day Fix. Some have worked better than others, but obviously I haven't been as successful as I wanted to be since I am yet again starting something new. Discipline is the key. Not giving in to temptation. Eat to live, don't live to eat.


The thing that I'm most looking forward to is feeling better as well as feeling better about myself. While I want to lose weight, there are other non-scale goals I'm looking forward to. Fitting into my clothes better and into some that are too small. I'm also a runner and would love to look good in race photos. Actually, I would love to look good in all candid and unposed photos. 


I've recently starting using essential oils, Himalayan salt lamps and other natural things - working to balance my body and mind. I'm really looking forward to Monday and hitting the reset button.



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