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First Whole30 starts July 12th!


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Hi, Everyone. 


Like the title states i'll be starting my first Whole30 on July 12th. This is exactly 40 days before I go on vacation with my husband's family for a week, so it seems like the perfect time to start even though a bit of me doesn't like starting at the beginning of a new week. 


A little about me: I've decided to start Whole30 after starting crossfit at the beginning of June. I've really enjoyed the classes and want to get the most out of my performance. Starting Whole30 seemed like the better choice than just starting Paleo since I knew I would just eat Paleo compliant treats. On top of that I have PCOS and am insulin resistant, plus I have a history of feeling sluggish (which doctors have not been able to figure out why). My hope is to be able to eat better and be able to sustain a healthier relationship with food.


Last year I lost 30lbs on Weight Watchers - first time losing in forever, but the program is not sustainable for me long term. I didn't want to constantly think about numbers whenever I went to eat something.


I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and going through our journeys together. 


Here's to us! 



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