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Day 16 itchy/plugged up ears

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I've been doing well on my Whole30, but today (and late yesterday) began having my inner ear itch. It is my one ear that usually has problems (I usually have sinus problems on the same side). Now the ear is clogged or swollen inside. This whole time on the diet I have been crossing my fingers that I don't find out that I have to eliminate nightshades from my diet. I don't know how I'd survive without tomatoes!


Yesterday I ate:


Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with 2-3 pieces compliant bacon, sauteed onion and bell peppers, 1/2 avocado and 1/2 tomato


Lunch: I ate in a horrible Mexican restaurant and had a "tostado" (chopped steak, lettuce, and salsa. HOWEVER, at first they served me a shredded beef tostado. One tiny bite of the beef and I knew they had added some sort of gummy starch to it (or maybe vegetable protein) YUCK. I did not eat. 


Dinner: Spaghetti squash

              Trader Joe's Puttanesca Sauce (all compliant) with Italian seasoned ground turkey (Jennie-os. Nothing that raised a red flag in the ingredients) and mushrooms and black olives

               Green Salad (butter lettuce, fresh basil, grape tomatoes, TJ's Tuscan Italian dressing


The things I ate that I haven't had before on the Whole 30 are:

bell pepper

The restaurant mystery beef

Compliant bacon (it said Whole30 compliant on the label)

TJ's Puttanesca Sauce

Seasoned Ground beef


Any advice? Or could it just be some other allergy or something? I've never particularly paid attention to allergies before but have always had sinus pressure, headaches/ear issues.





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First time in my entire adult life that I didn't have at least mildly itchy ears was on Whole30. For me, itchy ears is a sign that I have eaten something that my body doesn't like. Most often triggered by store-bought, processed ingredients or restaurant food.

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