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Started my first Whole 30 Journey yesterday July 9th


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Hi Everyone! My name is Crystal. I decided to join the forum to keep myself on track and get support. I am ending my second day and overall, feel worn out honestly. I fell asleep last night like 3 hours early last night and I am still tired today. I also have a headache from hell, but I am assuming that is related to cutting out all soda. I feel really confident though and am pushing through it. I know this is only day 2, but, I think I will do good with this. I was recommended this program from a coworker and am hoping this program will help manage my Lupus, and I am reallllyyy hoping that weight loss is a added bonus  ;).  

I look forward to getting to know everyone! 


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Hi Crystal


I started the same day as you. This is my second Whole 30. I had great results the first time (nearly 3 years ago) and I am hoping to continue eating this way (with the addition of dairy foods) after the 30 days is over.


I too had nasty headaches on days 2 and 3 but they pass ... then day 4 came along and brought the sugar dragon along for the ride. Just completed day 6 today (I am, I presume, on the other side of the world from you - I am in New Zealand) and feeling great. No cravings and headache all gone.


Here's to the next 24 days!



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