4th round of Whole30 but 1st vegetarian one

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Hey all,


So I did three full rounds of Whole30 by the book last year in March, July and November. I feel like the structure really helped address a lot of emotional eating/drinking problems I tend to struggle with, and in addition to feeling better and helping me to start a regular workout regimen for the first time, I lost about 10 pounds each time (5' 4", highest weight ever was about 175, I was 128 BRIEFLY at the end of my third Whole30 but now hover around 140/145). What I came away with education-wise is that I'm probably deeply sensitive to gluten-containing grains, certain dairy, and most definitely beer.


Since then I've become vegetarian, and even toyed with veganism. I cook almost entirely vegan at home and experimented with strict veganism for about a month, which I found relatively easy to do but my weight/general internal cues of health didn't really improve too much (I haven't noticed ANY negative side effects from not eating meat by the way). But that might also be because I've also let a few bad habits creep back in—hitting the wine bottle a bit hard, inhaling whole bags of sweet potato chips in one sitting, etc.


When I made the decision to become vegetarian I thought I'd never be able to do a Whole 30 again, but then I realized there are people like y'all that are making it work!


So the question I'm looking to have answered is: for my 4th Whole 30 but 1st veggie one, what if any additional sources of protein should I include? I don't really eat eggs much anymore except as an ingredient in other things like gluten-free bread, but I've got a friend with some chickens I could probably buy a few a week off of. Beyond that, beans/legumes/lentils don't have any negative effects on me, so I'd want to include them (although: do y'all consider lentils a bean or a grain? I know there is discussion about that. If the general consensus is "grain" I'll leave them out). And tempeh is my jam.


If I do all the fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & fats allowed on a regular Whole 30, + chickpeas, beans, tempeh, and a handful of backyard chicken eggs, will that be enough? There's also some easily accessible organic grassfed yogurt available at my local chain grocery stores, so if I needed to add that it wouldn't be a problem, though I kind of want to eliminate dairy again and pay extra attention during reintroduction. My activity level is on the high side of moderate. I lift 2-3 times a week, run a couple of times a week, and do longer yoga practices about once a week, with shorter ones in the morning fairly often. I also walk whenever I can avoid driving somewhere.


Thanks y'all! 

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