Is there a compliant sausage that is also Kosher?


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You can make your own and sub any beef or poultry. Primal Palates website has a good breakfast sausage recipe that is compliant. I've only made it with pork but it'd probably be good with other meats too

There are also some store bought non pork sausages too but i don't think they're butchered to be halal. They exist! I don't know how far into Halal your wife wants to go. If you go to a Halal market, you might be able to find some but be sure to read labels and ask questions.

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A few things... Making your own is probably the easiest way to ensure it's 100% kosher, though if your goal is just to cut out pork, there are options probably easier to find than straight kosher.


Kosher and Whole30:

Pork-free sausages from Lou's Naturals (I have really enjoyed these and find them at a local upscale grocery store):

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