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Day 1 and bad Stomach Ache...


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I started my first Whole30 today. I got a bad stomach ache about 2 hours after lunch. I ate a snack because I thought maybe I was hungry.

Breakfast: spinach and tomato frittata, blueberries and some raw Cashews, blueberry caffeine free tea

Lunch: chicken breast, fennel, orange, spinach, and avocado salad with olive oil/lemon juice dressing, banana with almond butter

Snacks: starving! Apple with almond butter and some cashews

Dinner: two chicken legs, some chicken breast, broccoli, roasted potatoes, rest of fennel salad

I have endometriosis and IBS. I currently take a probiotic but Not an effective dosage (from what I read on whole 30 forum). Did I eat too many nuts? Did I not eat enough? Thanks for any help. I am trying to use the guide but this is only my first day.

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No one with IBS should eat nuts or nut butters at all. Stop! And it would be great if no one ate nuts or nut butters during a Whole30. 


You don't offer enough details to know if you ate enough food. Because you were hungry and snacking, I assume you ate too little. If you describe your meals with reference to the guidance given in the meal planning template, we can offer better feedback.


How much to eat
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