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measuring food


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question: I like to weigh my food rather than using the hand method. Can you tell me what the proper ounces for each meal.  


No. This is not an exact science. Everyone's hand is a different size -- even if I knew what a palm-sized portion of meat for me weighed, I have no idea how that relates to your palm.


Just eyeball an amount at least the size of your palm (for protein), at least the size of your thumb (for fats, or use the other measurements in the template for things like olives or avocado), and then fill up a typical large dinner plate the rest of the way with vegetables. You really do not need to measure, it's just a general guideline.

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Hi Jwillow,


To add to Shannon's excellent explanation, I just wanted to encourage you to make the leap to listening to your body.  The moment that you start applying numbers to your nutrition, you mute the sounds of your body trying to tell you what it needs.  If you declare 6 ounces of protein (no clue how much that even is, just as an example) and one day you're hungry and you had a busy, active day, once that 6 ounces is plated and eaten, are you really going to go back and allow yourself to have more?


Although the Whole30 is an elimination program at its core, it is so, SO much more than that.  We want you to quiet the outside noise and re-learn how to listen to your body.  There are specific and understandable signals that your body sends but you have to learn how to listen for them.  


Finally, your needs will fluctuate from week to week or even day to day so assigning a number to your intake isn't effective.


Risk it........throw the numbers out and eat how we were designed to eat before smart phones and apps and food scales.   :)

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