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Skin improvement

Benjamin Shine

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Before I ditched gluten a year ago, I had a rash on my ankles and elbows that was so itchy that I would regularly scratch it until it bled & scabbed up. Then it was even more itchy. Gross, I know. A dermatologist told me that I should never take a shower longer than 5 minutes, and always use cool water. He prescribed an intense steroid ointment for the rash, and said I should use it every day, forever. He also gave me antibiotics for my acne, and said to apply it twice a day, every day, forever. I was following those instructions (except for the always-take-cold-showers, yikes) when my gym encouraged me to ditch gluten for a 90 day challenge.

When I ditched gluten, the rash went away, along with the acne and the eczema on my arms. Such a relief! Whenever I re-introduced gluten, the rash came back. It was such a clear-cut reaction that now it's pretty easy for me to resist gluten; I can see a week of a bad rash in a croissant.

But I still had itchy knuckles sometimes, and lately they've been so itchy that I also would find myself scratching them uncontrollably until they bled. I applied prescription steroid cream or OTC cortisol every day, several times a day, trying to get relief.

Since I started my Whole30 a week ago, those itchy patches have totally calmed down. The redness and flakiness is gone, and the scabs are healing quickly.

Now, I LOVE DAIRY, so at the end of my Whole30 I'll try re-introducing dairy and see if that was the problem. I'll also test soy, separately. Or maybe it was even (oh no!) chocolate. Now I know I can find out, though. I know that my skin reactions are a result of my food decisions. This gives me power over them.


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