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Well, this past weekend was ...interesting.  I had my first post-whole30 alcohol (2 rum punches) and a non-complaint meal at PF Changs on Saturday (gluten, grains, soy and sugar),  followed by a birthday party for my FIL on Sunday, where I consumed cold cucumber soup (with sour cream) and had a piece of delicious birthday cake (more grains, dairy and sugar).  I enjoyed it all and don't really regret any of it.  I knew I would eat off plan and it was okay.  I also knew that I would likely experience a return of some of the issues that disappeared while I was a faithful whole30-er.  And they did - acid reflux, poor sleep, night sweats, bloat (and I mean  B L O A T) and some fairly strong sugar urges that lasted until last night.


I went back to total compliance on Monday, but it took until this evening for me to finally feel "right" again.  Whew.


Now that I know how long recovery can take when I mix a number of non-compliant foods all at once,  I will try to exercise more caution and restraint.  I deliberately timed my whole30 to end before the month of July because there are so many events this month and I want to be able to indulge in some special treats.  And I still will do so, but last weekend was too.much.  Still, I enjoyed dinner out with my husband and the carefree feeling of eating as I pleased.  But I could have made healthier choices.  I paid the price.  I know better.  Lesson learned! :) 

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