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Rachael's October Whole30


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Hey everyone! It has been one week of my whole30 and I am a happy girl! I should probably be documenting better than I am but I think weekly updates will be good enough for me :)

One week in to my Whole30 and I SERIOUSLY cannot believe the effects already! Luckily I have been eating fairly healthy and taking care of myself for some time so it hasn't been a horrible adjustment but it is crazy what I have already noticed. One week in pros and cons:


- feeling better, no headaches or stomach cramps whatsoever (used to get headaches frequently)

- more energy, less sleepy in the afternoon

- not constantly hungry and thinking about what food I will eat next

- way fewer cravings for sugar (huge problem for me before)

- really satisfying food (more fats than I have eaten in probably 2.5 years)

- lost ALL bloat. Like seriously, I can SEE MY ABS. That has never happened before


- falling asleep is a little harder. Used to be able to fall asleep within seconds and now it takes 15 mins or so

- get dizzy/lightheaded more frequently (very low blood pressure is normal for me so this will happen occasionally anyways)

- going out to eat is much less fun (uncomfortable asking what everything is made with and what is in each item)

- constantly wanting to tell people around me that what they are eating is making them unhealthy, especially my boyfriend and family

- inconsistent digestion (not bad, just not regular like before) sorry if that's TMI

- BIGGEST issue: My boyfriend is an orthopedic surgeon who used to be a bodybuilder (researched nutrition quite a bit) and he thinks the Whole30 is "stupid" and "dangerous" while he sits and eats tortilla chips, drinks diet rootbeer, and bowl after bowl of canned soup and cereal. DRIVING ME INSANE because he doesn't support this at all... ugh. I will just have to press on and ignore his comments!!!

I hope everyone else who is in the middle is having just as much success as I am! I am very excited for the next 3 weeks and to see what else happens!!!

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Hi Rachael,

You are doing great. The pros are super. As to the cons: they will even out as you get further along with this eating regime.

I don't know what to say about the BF. Hopefully after a few more weeks he will start to see how this is changing you.

You know what you are doing is the right thing for your body and don't let anyone tell you ay different.

I am on day 23 and I can't believe all the "stuff" I used to eat. And the funny thing is.......I don't really want any of the stuff any more.

I am having the same "pros" as you are and it is wonderful. Just don't let anyone tell you different.

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You may need to increase the amount of water you are drinking. I think I drink a lot of water, but I find that drinking more magically makes the dizzy/lightheaded feelings I sometimes suffer go away and stay away. In fact, every time I have felt dizzy over the past few months could be traced back to needing more water. The details: I drink water from a pretty good size glass at the rate of at least 10-12 per day, but sometimes get dizzy with that volume. On days when I try harder and drink 14-16 glasses per day, I don't get dizzy.

Your gut flora may not be able to digest fat efficiently if you have not been eating much for the past few years. You might benefit from taking a digestive enzyme like Now Foods Super Enzymes to help you make the transition. You probably would not need it permanently, but extra enzymes can help you adjust faster.

Your report about your boy friend makes me feel better about my wife. She is a scientist and has attended a Whole9 Nutrition seminar. She said the Whole9 science was better than she expected, but she remains committed to bagels, peanut butter, and yogurt as the staples of her diet. But at least she is supportive of my choices. And I'm not very nice to her sometimes because when she complains about arthritis in her hands (which is important because she performs surgeries), I confront her with how she lives on inflammatory foods that make arthritis worse.

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Welcome, sounds like your doing great!

I think the only thing you can do with the bf is both agree to keep your opinions about the others persons food choices to yourselves. I wish dh would read ISWF and get on board with me but he has no desire to change and he thinks as a runner, he needs his "carbs"

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Thank you so much for your advice and support! I really appreciate it! Tom, I usually try to drink as much water as I can in a day but 12-14 is usually more than I intake so I will work on increasing that and see if it makes a difference.

As for my bf, I will just have to keep at it and prove him wrong!!!

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Made it through my first weekend with barely any trouble! I called restaurants before going there and asked a crazy amount of questions asking about cooking methods and ingredients and was pretty happy with the results! I may have ingested a tiny bit of corn oil on Friday night unintentionally but I won't let it bother me!

Threw together some random things in my fridge last night and made a DELICIOUS dinner :)

Sauteed shallots and garlic in ghee then poured in some local tomato basil sauce. Added yellow squash from the farmer's market and then chicken breast with garlic herb blend and sea salt. Let it simmer until the veggies were cooked through and then finished the chicken in the oven. SO SO GOOD. Then I toasted a little cococnut flakes and sprinkled on cinnamon. I could eat like that every meal!

Nine days in and I feel so good! I also look better and have more energy! I can't wait to see what the next 21 days brings!

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Day 15 - Halfway there! I can't believe I am already halfway done with my Whole30 adventure. It has gone so quickly and EASILY :)

I think I have officially decided that this type of eating and lifestyle are here to stay. I already look and more importantly, feel better, so I can't imagine going back to the old me. No headaches or tummy issues, less fatigue, more energy, sleeping better and so much more. Food tastes better (organic strawberries OMG sweet) and I can easily go 7+ hours without eating (weird job schedule) and feel fine! Before I would be so ravenous that I couldn't focus on working until I got to eat.

I brought pizza into a clinic for lunch today and even though it had been hours since I had eaten I didn't want ANY of it... crazy. I am so thankful that food is now such a joy to me and I no longer have to count calories or worry if I will feel sick after eating or feel guilty when I indulge.

For anyone just starting, GET EXCITED! You will be so so so happy you did this. I promise :)

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Oh my goodness it's day 29, I can't quite believe it is here already! This went so quickly and so easily! I am at the point where I have been thinking about my reintros and I still haven't come to a conclusion on how they are going to go. I have never felt better, stronger, smarter, sexier or more confident in my life, so why fix what ain't broke?!?

Things I will try (at some point, when I am out with friends or family most likely):

- Guinness

- cinnamon roll (probably not a whole one)

- gluten free oats, steel cut

- brie and goat cheese

- greek yogurt

- ice cream, probably Haagen Daaz Swiss Almond

- Grandma's homemade apple pie

- peanut sauce at thai restaurant

- black beans at mexican restaurant

I haven't made decisions other than those, except for the fact that I would like to remain 95% Whole30 compliant at all times. Maybe one thing a week that doesn't follow the rules unless I am traveling for work or something along those lines.

Something REALLY exciting that happened today, my great friend whose wedding I will be in next August texted me and said "Soooooo I think I'm going to read that whole30 book and start that diet... meat and all. (she is vegetarian) I feel like all my eating habits are what make me not lose weight I want to get rid of. And you look amaaaaaazing" SO AWESOME :)

I love that this has not only improved MY life so far but is continuing to help other people change their lives for the better too! Anyone who is just starting, you have so very much to look forward to! :D

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