Restarted 11 days ago and I'm so tired

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So I did a restart after 26 days once I learned that the bacon I was eating had sugar in it and then I ate out and forgot ask how the steak was cooked and got seriously sick....

I am on day 11 (I ate 99.9% clean in between, but I was traveling....). This week I have been super tired and fatigued.

I have been struggling to get good sleep (my 4 yo had been waking me every night at 2 am, plus my sciatic pain from my SI joint arthritis is back, due at least in part from my over doing things when my tiger blood hit in the first round).

I wake up late morning and just don't want to get up, once I get up I just want to back to sleep.

My energy during the day varies, but it is more on the low side.

I have now lost 11 pounds since starting Whole 30 on June 5. My biggest struggle (especially now that I am sleeping in) is rating the meals a day. I don't think I have succeeded in eating three meals a day this week!

Any ideas, suggestions?

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If you keep not eating, you'll more than likely continue to not feel like eating.


If nothing that you can think of sounds really appetizing, and your stomach turns at the thought of any food, try bland things for a while -- grilled or baked chicken breast, scrambled eggs, baked potato or mashed potato with ghee or coconut oil. Maybe make some soup, or try sipping on broth.


If you're feeling nauseated, try sipping on peppermint or ginger tea -- they can help settle your stomach.

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Thanks for the tips, still having stomach issues this morning, but I was able to eat two scrambled eggs and a bit of sugar free bacon, plus some kimchi and peppermint tea. Stop feeling nasty now, though, two hours later. I'm going to take an early nap and if I feel better when I get up.

I miss my tiger blood, wwaaaaaa

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So, I did some research after my symptoms began to remind me of my previous ulcers.... The topical anti inflammatory I use for my SI Joint arthritis can still cause ulcers. So I'm going to try to stop using it and temporarily start taking omeprazole again unless someone else had any ideas on how to heal am ulcer

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I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis last December. I had no symptoms during my first Whole 30, and I felt so good I quit taking my omeprazole three weeks ago (I restarted my Whole 30 after 26 days, and now I am on day 13... So I been 99.9% on plan (didn't read about sugarless bacon, hense the restart) for 44 days now.

This morning, after restarting the omeprazole plus ranatadine yesterday, was the first day all week that I didn't wake up with a stomach ache/nausia and the inability to eat breakfast without feeling worse for eating.... I've only been up for a little while, so I'm not sure if the fatigue is gone yet.

But I am sure it wasn't the Whole 30 that brought the symptoms back. . When my tiger blood kicked in I was not cautious and over did it, and aggravated my arthritis so I began to use my dyclofinac (Nsaid) topical cream everyday starting two week's ago....I had no idea until yesterday, after doing some research, that even the typical cream can cause ulcers.... My erosive gastropathy was from taking the dyclofinac orally....

Lesson learned.

I am confident that if I am careful and stay away from Nsaids (in all forms) I will someday able to quit taking my omeprazole!

Thanks again for you helpful advice... Last night when the stomach pain was bad and wouldn't key me sleep I can a cup of almond milk/coconut milk, warmed, and that did the trick

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