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Week 2 - Complete


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Half. Way. There.

Some of the things I went through were:


Body & Mind:

-Sugar cravings are very subdued

-Headaches are gone

-Feeling dizzy are very minimal

-Being extra hungry in the morning is gone

-Bloating gone way down and still declining

-I still have moments at night where I’d love to have a treat, but I just drink peppermint tea to make myself feel full

-I’m finding the food I eat is becoming less of a chore and a bit more enjoyable 

-I’m not that moody as I once was


-Starting to wake up just before my alarm

-Zits are way down   


And the biggest thing of all:

-Motivation is still up!

-My muffin top is not as bad as it once was

-Jeans aren’t as tight


Okay, now that I’ve made it this far I can think I can safely say: I can do this! (and believe it) It’s amazing what happens to your body and mind when you get rid of such terrible foods. I have a clear head and my body hasn’t looked this good since high school. Can’t wait to see what another two weeks will do.


During this week I had to go for day surgery to which I couldn’t work out.  The past me would have just stopped any efforts of what I was doing and go back to my old habits. Instead I was more eager to get back to the gym and start my work out routine again. I’m so proud of myself with my new mindset.


On the weekend I’ll also be doing a hike. Something I haven’t done in a very long time. I’m usually the hermit type even if the weather is good. So for me, this is a wonderful step in the right direction of healthy eating, body and mind.


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