W30 Newbie! In need of tips for pre planning the week!!


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I always like to "pre plan" meals on Sunday so I can do a grocery shop, cut up and cook whatever i can ahead of time as the week gets crazy with life! I'm starting my first W30 on Tuesday but cannot seem to figure out good meal ideas. If anyone has easy postWOD snacks/meals (I am a former protein shake/smoothie gal but want to give this W30 everything I've got)! Everyone is raging about sweet potato, but from my Paleo knowledge i was told these are more of "a treat", any other tips of how a typical day of food should look as I struggle with portions a lot, I go to Crossfit 4-6 days a week, depending on how quickly I recover! Any and all tips appreciated!!!

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Sweet potatoes are not just a treat. They are a great fueling item. I have a hard boiled egg before a good workout and sweetpotato and ghee after. I cook one on Sunday and slice it into 1" coins and gobble them up as needed.

Eat a lot! Have you read the book or read all of the info that M & D provided? There is a ton of info.

My time savers are hard boiled eggs, egg salad, home made mayo, tuna salad and the avocado sauce in the book. I also roast a top round and slice it up and have red butter lettuce and avocados around for lettuce wraps.

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I just purchased the ebook today and am going to read on study breaks, starting the W30 in two days when I get home so I'll be reading as I go along so I just want to make sure I have the basics down! Love sweet potatoes and boiled eggs as well so that's great! The boiled egg before a workout (how long before do you eat) would take care of the fat and protien aspect correct!?

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Yes, the protein and fat is right there in a nice package. :) Your workout may be more strenuous than mine, so you may need more. Sometimes I dip my egg into home made mayo. LOVE that. I eat about 10 minutes before I go to the gym, so I am probably on the floor 20 minutes or so after I eat. I really don't like much in my stomach, but I also like feeling strong.

The book is very awesome!

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I will give you an idea of what I did today, which hopefully will give you some ideas.

  • I poached a whole chicken, let the chicken cool, and took all the meat off. That is in the refrigerator ready for chicken salads throughout the week. I cooked down the stock for chicken broth. That can be used for a quick chicken soup with some frozen veggies and some of the chicken tossed in.
  • I made braised lamb shanks for dinner tonight (out of Make it Paleo) and made enough so there would be leftovers. I also had a side of garlic mashed cauliflower, and made sure to make enough for leftovers there too.
  • I cut up celery, carrots and red pepper strips, and have those ready to grab and go for lunches.
  • I made Chocolate Chili out of Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat.). Half in the refrigerator, half in the freezer.
  • I cooked spaghetti squash and roasted beets. The beets are sliced and put into containers that I can grab for any meal.
  • The spaghetti squash was used for a batch of shrimp with green curry sauce and vegetables. (That was lunch today and I made plenty for leftovers for lunches.)
  • I currently have a batch of beef broth (aka bone broth) bubbling away in the crock pot.
  • I made chicken salad for my lunch tomorrow.
  • I whipped coconut for my morning coffee.
  • I hard boiled eggs, because you never know when breakfast has to be in a hurry!

No wonder I am ready for bed at 7:16!

This link may help you with ideas as well. It is one of the reasons I started doing Sunday cook-a-thons!


Good luck!

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I like to make a large batch of herb & onion meatballs. Choose your meat, pork/chicken/turkey/beef & whichever herbs or spices you prefer. They last in the fridge for days & are great if you need something quickly. Make them into a bigger meal or just eat them. You can have them in a salad at lunch or wrapped in egg for breakfast.

I also have a dozen eggs boiled in the fridge door & every sunday I make a batch of mayo.

Depending on the type of salad I'm having I can make my mayo into just about any dressing in seconds.. caesar, ranch, mustard etc.

Try to get into the habit of making enough food for two meals so you always have leftovers that you can slot in the next day. I didn't start doing this until week 3 and it has made life so much easier!

The other night we had rump steak with veg for dinner... I cooked an extra steak & my husband and I had a steak salad for lunch the following day with vinagrette. It was all kinds of awesome.

And as kb0426 says.. Sunday cookups are great.. have a read of the link she posted and buy a copy of well fed. I seriously love this book & all the recipes.

Good luck ;)

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Another handy item is: Top Round (also knows as London Broil) spice rubbed and grilled or bake. Or a big turkey breast. It makes great roast beef for lettuce wraps. Today for lunch, I took my beautiful red leaf butter lettuce, spread some mayo on it, drizzled some Wholly guac on that and layed thinly sliced beef. Rolled it up and was in heaven. I had 6 of them. :) Oh, and I layed strips of roasted hatch chili peppers that I bought on sale at WF last week.

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I like working out almost empty, but lately, I've been having 1 HB egg before. If I feel depleted after, I have a couple of sweet potato slices (a constant in my fridge) with ghee spread on it.

Me too.. I haven't taken on the pre & post workout meals in this W30.. next time maybe ;)

I just can't make myself eat prior to working out.. I think I would puke.. sometimes I come close anyway depending on the trainer!

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