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Good afternoon, let's talk about me!


I've been doing a part-time version of Whole30 for a long time. Some months may be Whole15, other may be more like Whole8.


Seems as if I may have continued down this wishy-washy path indefinitely.


But then I started lifting heavy things. And I liked it.


In April I participated in a Tactical Strength Contest. This contest is held on the same day in gyms all over the world. It is comprised of 3 events, the deadlift, the pull-up and how many kettle-bell snatches can be completed in 5 minutes.


Here I am dead-lifting my max weight of 235 lbs. All contestants are weighed before the contest begins. I was 138 lbs.



I also completed 1 pull-up and 115 kettle-bell snatches in 5 minutes.


I entered the Masters division, for people over 50 years old (I'm 59). When the results were tallied, I ranked 15th in the International Women's Masters Division. 


I was happy with my results because I trained hard. 


But what if I had cleaned up my diet? What if I stopped eating the cookies and cupcakes and all the rest of it. What if I drank Perrier instead of Pinot Noir? What more could I have achieved?


Lucky for me, these questions don't have to stay unanswered. The Tactical Strength Challenge is held every 6 months, the next one is on October 1.


11 weeks from now, 77 days.

Consistent training + Whole30 = ????


Time to find out...



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Day 1 begins..

In about an hour I'm heading to a hot yoga class. Maybe I can sweat out some of the cake and wine toxins that remain in my body! 


I have a love/hate relationship with bikram yoga. The classes are a good compliment to kettle-bell and strength classes. I know I am more flexible when I do a consistent practice but dang, they're hard! 


Yesterday I cleaned out my fridge and went grocery shopping. I'm stocked with Whole30 foods.


Off I go to sweat and bend...

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