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A word about dinner.....


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We had the in-laws with us during and after an all day conference today.  Afterwards went to a fish grill for dinner.  We are native Midwesterners now in Texas.  Friday night fish fry in the Midwest is a THING.  Everyone has a favorite place, fried fish is especially good if served by a restaurant that also happens to be a microbrewery because they use their own beer in the batter and a good crisp, cold beer rounds out the meal.  You get the idea.  We went to a fish grill for dinner!  My husband and his parents had fish and chips.  The fried nectar of the gods.  With coleslaw.  And malt vinegar (gasp, yum!!!).  And a wheat beer.  And tartar sauce. Man, I wanted a bite, no...a plate full of that golden deliciousness!  It looked good, it smelled good and I think it called my name.  However, I CHOSE Mahi Mahi with gluten free cilantro lime because it is exactly that.  MY choice. I'm not on Day 16 for nothing.  Past the halfway point so there's no restart option if I have a say. 


"Obstacles cannot crush me.  Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.  He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind."  ~Leonardo Da Vinci


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